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Video Analysis: Minnesota Stars 2019 Amundson 48, Minnesota Suns 2020 Bluestar 44

08/04/2018, 7:00pm CDT
By Chuck Thompson

Game Date: 7/24/18

Best on the Floor (Alphabetical)


Kacie Borowicz, Minnesota Stars 2019 Amundson

5'7" 2019 Roseau H.S.

-Fantastic game controlling the style of play for Borowicz. She flourishes in a fastbreak style of play, and that was on full display against the Suns. Showed finishing skills on the break with both basket attacks and a slick transition pull-up as well as nice drop-offs for easy scores for Hannah DeMars and Tori Nelson. Down 5, Borowicz had the key run late. 2 Free Throws brought her team within 3, a turn-around jumper on the block cut it to 1, and her fastbreak score off a steal put Stars up for good at 45-44.


Tori Nelson, Minnesota Stars 2019 Amundson

6'2" 2019 Henry Sibley H.S.

-Up 45-44, Nelson made the defensive play of the game, and immediately followed with the offensive play of the game. Her blocked shot late kept the Stars up one, she corralled the perimeter block, took it the length of the floor and her layup, the start of her and 1, would seal the game away at 48-44. A play that lasted about 5 seconds shows why she is as good a two-way player as there is in Minnesota. Led Stars with 12 points.


Macy Nilsen, Minnesota Stars 2019 Amundson

5'10" 2019 Edina H.S.

-Nilsen is a veteran running a team, so when it's crunch time, she is confident with the ball in her hands, will still make plays and protect the rock too. Her decision making on when to push and when to be patient down the stretch was integral in Stars final push. She contains dribble drive attacking Guards and finishes off defensive possessions with quality rebounding numbers.


Zhane Thompson, Minnesota Suns 2020 Bluestar

5'9" 2020 Burnsville H.S.

-Thompson is a true north/south driver off the bounce. She uses her strength to create a direct path to the rim and can take on opposing contact on her way through. She will step out to the arc if given too much cushion, but her bread and butter is her ability to overpower opposing Guards and wings and attack deep into a defense.


Nurjei Weems, Minnesota Suns 2020 Bluestar

6'1" 2020 DeLaSalle H.S.

-Weems had a strong game both on the glass and with her quick drive attacks. She likes to face the rim and attack from the free throw line down, from the short corners and 1-2 dribble drives from the wing. She is more of a wing than a post, she'll start primarily outside the arc or the free throw line area. Has nice extension to the glass and can, at times, take over the defensive glass.

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