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Decision Making Time

07/29/2018, 1:15pm CDT
By Chuck Thompson

     For as much as I've gained the last several years in terms of friendships, memories and happy moments, I've also faced just as many adverse effects running Five State Hoops. I haven't had a year where I didn't show a significant loss financially, I've lost some other opportunities for work and I've put strains on my family.

     It's not an easy decision to give up something you really take pride in. I know on Twitter my success has been pretty steady, but the site it what pays for things and it hasn't been successful financially and never feeling happy with anything I keep removing old content.

     There is a lot of fear as I make this decision. I have no guarantees on income, no home, and a car which gives me some issues at times. I am making a commitment today to at least 1 more year of Five State Hoops. I will build and build and build and hopefully allow myself to say having quite a bit of content is better than feeling disappointed I can't cover everyone/everything.

     I will attempt to cover 1,000 FULL, LIVE games between now and next August 1 as well as 2,000 plus FULL ONLINE game evaluations.

     I will be posting player pages with baseline information and a news aggregator that links to any posts they're mentioned in, and finally, I will do a "Best on the Floor" segment from every game I attend (or the thousands I can view via video), which will just be some player notes in an article, and will link to players pages as well.

     I have to go all in. I believe in promoting and growing the game, and I hope a year from now that my outlook is much clearer and happier. I hope that individuals will consider subscriptions or donations, and I hope to find sponsors to support the play by play games.

     I appreciate all the words of encouragement, it means more than anyone will ever know, and I hope I can give the kids the coverage and publicity they deserve.

     Hope to see you all on a court soon as I continue to get my life back in order and hopefully grow the game that has been so good to me.


     Chuck Thompson

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