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Summer Jam Notes (Part 4 of 5)

06/18/2018, 11:30pm CDT
By Chuck Thompson

Today I will put together our final two posts of some takeaways from Summer Jam. Summer Jam 2018 will likely be the best non-D1 viewing period event of the year, it was a tremendous three days of hoops in Bloomington. No particular order on the notes. 10 players/team notes each posting. 


Katie Borowicz, Minnesota Stars 2021 Hersch, Roseau HS

5'4" 2021

     Borowicz, despite being on the smaller side, is a gamer. She's been a winner at the prep level already and was the Point Guard as Stars Hersch claimed the Minnesota AAU State Championship. Handles, speed, and a deadly shooter, Borowicz is one of the most highly regarded 2021 talents in Minnesota. From a family of prolific scorers, Borowicz puts in the hours shooting and it shows in her play. 


Nyamer Diew, North Tartan 2020 EYBL, Worthington HS

6'1" 2020

     Diew's best basketball certainly lies in front of her. Coming back from a knee injury, her game is starting to show us glimpses of what lies ahead. Great length from the Forward spot, she glides in on short drive finishes and has touch around the hoop while battling on the offensive glass. She is a tough two-way player, who moves well side to side and uses her length to contain drivers and contest jump shooters. 


Kelsey Joens, All Iowa Attack 2022 Nike Red, Iowa City High HS


     Another in a long line of Joens sisters, Kelsey's game is starting to show the skill set that has 2 sisters currently playing Division 1 and a 3rd being recruited to that level. She is a lengthy shooter who scores the ball effectively with long drives or stepping out beyond the arc and cashing in. Call it a hunch, but Kelsey will carry on the lineage and prove herself at the level of her older siblings and grow her game to the same high level of excellence. 


Jayda Johnston, Minnesota Fury 2020 Gauntlet, Roseville HS

5'11" 2020

     Maybe not the traditional size of many big Forwards, but Johnston is highly skilled and her footwork in the paint helps her create separation for scoring chances. She is a warrior on the glass. To her credit she has consistently been growing her shooting range when facing the hoop. Defensively, she is strong, she can defend bigger players down low and contain quickness on the perimeter, giving her additional value. 


Paige Kindseth, Minnesota Stars 2021 Hersch, Farmington HS

5'9" 2021

     With the ability to bring her game from the Shooting Guard position or slide over to a Forward spot, Kindseth's size and build make her a great college prospect. Has feathery touch on her jumper, and has shown repeatedly that she can carry an offense for stretches and is very comfortable being leaned on for offense. There is a lot to like in Kindseth's game, she has a well-rounded game and produces on many fronts. 


Rylie Kruse, All Iowa Attack 2021 Nike, Southeast Polk HS

5'10" 2021

     Kruse is the definition of a shooter. She doesn't have textbook release, but she is as deadly as they get, and when she has any space it's as good as three points on the board. Add the fact that she can shoot WAY beyond the arc at the same high percentage, and you've got a special talent. As Kruse continues to get stronger off the bounce her value will only continue to soar.


Emma Miller, Minnesota Stars 2022 Kolden, St Michael-Albertville HS

5'2" 2022

     Talk about a Point Guard who puts stress on an opposing defense. Miller is non-stop attack from the lead guard position, always pushing tempo, and always attacking the first line of defenders with her quickness and sharp handles. She is a talented scorer who can finish off the toughest of drives or deliver from three with soft touch. One of the top 2022 prospects in Minnesota already.


Lindsey Olson, Minnesota Suns 2019 Jefferson, St Louis Park HS

6'0" 2019

     Olson's game continues to evolve. She knows how to work herself open, she has shooting mechanics and follows through with a high release on her shot, making it difficult to contest. Her three point game is incredibly steady, and with her combination of shooting, size and adding some length, Olson will be a great scholarship addition to a program in the coming months. 


Hannah Stuelke, All Iowa Attack 2021 Nike Jones, Cedar Rapids Washington HS


     The sky is the limit for this talented 2022 for Attack. She is spectacular on the break out of the front court, whether running down the seam for trailing layups of off the wing attacking the basket for scores. One of the best athletic bigs coming through the regional pipeline. Elevates for rebounds and her quick ups and strength make her a force to be reckoned with. Look for Stuelke to continue to grow and end up one of the truly elite 2022 prospects in the region. 


Haleigh Timmer, North Tartan 2021 Sinn, St Thomas More HS

5'9" 2021

     The North Tartan/St Thomas More connection is grooming another good one in Timmer. Timmer is first, and foremost, a winner. At the High School level and the club level she wins at as high a percentage as any player, and she is a key in that. She is a playmaker but understands her role and thrives in it. Whether she's needed to be a primary scorer or a facilitator for others first, she thrives, always putting team success first. Her talent, when coupled with her high hoops IQ, should generate yet another D1 talent from the small South Dakota High School. 


We are also building our Player Rankings on an "as seen" basis beginning with Summer Jam, filling in many names during the week, and continuing until we have 500 each class from Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. If you'd consider an annual sub-$10 subscription to help with travel/lodging costs and to view the rankings, here is our Subscription Link. Thank you for allowing us to be a small part of growing and promoting the game! 


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