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Summer Jam Notes (Part 3 of 5)

06/18/2018, 7:15pm CDT
By Chuck Thompson

Thru tomorrow I will put together a sampling of some takeaways from Summer Jam. Summer Jam 2018 will likely be the best non-D1 viewing period event of the year, it was a tremendous three days of hoops in Bloomington. No particular order on the notes. 10 players/team notes each posting. 


Sara Dax, Wisconsin Purple Aces 2019, Kewaunee HS

6'0" 2019

     Dax opened her game on Friday working quite well in the 15-17 foot range, finding space against a mix of defensive looks, showing a quality hoops IQ knowing where to find space for scoring chances, then as the defense adjusted, so did Dax, showing she can step out and convert from the arc. Scholarship level talent with size and a great feel for the game. 


Tori DePerry, Midwest Force Select 2019, Shawano HS

5'11" 2019

     DePerry is an athletic wing with the size to be effective at the collegiate level. It is hard to keep her in front as a defender, she gets more compact on her drives and has upper body strength with Guard skills and a Small Forward frame. Scholarship level talent for Midwest Force Select, who were the tourney champions in their 2019 Division. 


Jayme Horan, Nebraska Attack 2019 Elite, Millard South HS

6'0" 2020

     Players with a great motor always maximize their value, and Horan approaches every possession like it's her last, and as a prospect also brings a very unique talent set to the floor. With her size and physical nature she is a high-end rebounder who is also a weapon in screen and roll action because she will set a great screen and is a threat to roll back and finish at the rim or to step away and deliver a triple on a pick and pop. Love kids with this type of energy, they always find success. 


Jenna Johnson, North Tartan 2021 Sinn, Wayzata HS

6'2" 2021

     Johnson has been as impressive as any player I've evaluated this spring/summer season. Has elevated her game on both ends of the floor. Offensively, she can beat you on the blocks, step away and face the hoop and deliver short, mid range and three point shots. Has tremendous footwork on the block and perimeter off the catch or working into her shot. Has become one of top 2021's on the glass as well, plays long and is feisty attack the board. 


Grace Larkins, All Iowa Attack Nike 2020, Southeast Polk HS

5'10" 2021

     Larkins plays up an age level with Attack. A combination of length and height, she has great strides when she drives, elevates over defenders and gets great extension on her finishes. One of the top dribble drive threats in her class. Has perimeter shooting touch to keep defenders honest. Rebounds position at quality level, and gets into transition game from the edge. 


Abby Leach, Minnesota Stars 2019 Nelson, Forest Lake HS

6'0" 2019

     As colleges look for players to fill a specific need, Leach fits a role perfectly. She is a lengthy wing who is a true three point weapon, and one of the best corner shooters I've come across. Catch and release shots in the corner from Leach are nearly automatic, making her an invaluable asset for a college team with a low post presence that needs steady snipers off the corners and wings to punish their opponents. A specialist who just about every college coach needs. 


Katie Leisen, Minnesota Stars 2021 Hersch, Minnetonka HS

6'0" 2021

     I think the next calendar year Leisen is one of the players that will really turn heads with her game. The tools have been there, but the young wing is now really putting them together on an incredibly consistent basis. She is a very strong jump shooter with three point range, and she releases ball quickly and at a high point, making it difficult to contest. Has Guard skill set and a Small Forward build, look for big things (and opportunities) coming her way soon. 


Nneka Obiazor, Minnesota Stars 2020 Antl, Eden Prairie HS

5'11" 2020

     Obiazor found herself in a game going head to head with a player who will play at a Power 5 school and is one of the top 2019s, how did she fare? Let's just say this much for Obiazor, she proved she is a Division 1 level talent and anyone at the game was impressed with her powerful drives, her physical strength and how hard she plays. She took the action to a highly regarded player and put showed she can play with anyone. One of the weekends more impressive individual efforts. 


Caroline Waite, All Iowa Attack 2021 Nike, Ames HS

5'3" 2021

     It is difficult not to draw comparisons between Waite and Elle Ruffridge, who is Iowa's All-Time Leading Scorer and Assist Leader. She's a small, but strong, Point Guard who is always playing at full tilt, pushing tempo and creating for teammates by attacking defenders, and an excellent scorer driving seams and stepping out to the arc. You'd have to think schools that went after Ruffridge may very well do the same with Waite. 


Maty Wilke, North Tartan 2019 Tru, Beaver Dam HS

5'10" 2021

     Right at the top of the 2021 regional rankings is where you'll see Wilke. Elite is an understatement for her shooting and scoring, text-book into shot, and with follow through, it's almost surprising when she does miss. Great handles from the Guard position to boot. She has a great feel for the flow of a game and has an extra gear she can reach when her team needs her to go into takeover mode. 


We are also building our Player Rankings on an "as seen" basis beginning with Summer Jam, filling in many names during the week, and continuing until we have 500 each class from Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. If you'd consider an annual sub-$10 subscription to help with travel/lodging costs and to view the rankings, here is our Subscription Link. Thank you for allowing us to be a small part of growing and promoting the game! 




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