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Recruit Wisconsin Player Notes

06/29/2023, 11:00am CDT
By Chuck Thompson

Hailey Bachmann, 1on1 Milwaukee 2024 Navy

5'10" 2024, DSHA 

-Another 2024 with positional versatility and ability to defend several positions. Plays with some strength and is able to gain leverage off the bounce. Shows three point touch, connecting off the left wing and left corner. Very good rebounder at both ends of the floor. Moves well in transition off the wings, or when she secures the glass as a trailer. Colleges looking for a combo player who can defend bigger or quicker opponents should get looks at Baumann. Understand role and is very successful in it.


Karsyn Bauman, Wisconsin Blaze 2024 Inferno

5'10" 2024, Ripon HS 

-Bauman was in attack mode, getting north/south on drives and attacking the rim in the half-court as well as transition games. Does shoot the three as well, as evidenced by a triple out of the left corner, but in this one it was that attack mentality that inflicted damage. Has the strength and speed to get defenders on their heels, and when there is space she finds it and navigates the paint with confidence and strength.


Bridget Biscobing, Chapman Basketball Academy 2025 South Blue

5'6" 2025, New Berlin Eisenhower HS

-Talk about a Guard who isn't scared of contact, Biscobing attacked the paint throughout and get to the free throw line on four different occasions, taking contact and earning points from the charity stripe. When the defense finally gave her significant cushion, she was able to deliver from the left wing with a triple. With a lot of key players lost to graduation at Eisenhower, Biscobing will have a chance to compete for prominent role in the 2023-2024 season.


Ellie Buss, Wisconsin Playmakers Thrive 2026

5'6" 2026, Neenah HS 

-Very polished Point Guard who has great vision and playmaking skills and is deadly from the arc. Division I prospect. Understands when to push tempo and when to get into a half-court set. Hit threes from the left wing, top and right wing with a great release and footwork. Ball hawk who isn't afraid to press up on the ball. Handles ball extremely well and has a variety of moves to change speeds and directions. Would expect her to take a big leap in recruiting in July and into her Sophomore season. 


Vanhi Chava, 1on1 Milwaukee 2024 Navy

5'6" 2024, Pewaukee HS 

-Has to compete for minutes at times with loaded Pewaukee team, but once she gets the chance to showcase her game with 1on1 Navy & running the show the entire game, she absolutely shines. This is a scholarship Point Guard who's still open and just needs the right coach to reach out. She can be absolutely electric. Tight, quick handles, a sharp cross-over, sees the court, and is an absolute sniper from the arc. Hit 6-3s in my evaluation and created that space with superior ball handling skills. Some College is getting one of Wisconsin's true hidden gems in 2024 class.


Autumn Dibb, 24-Up 2024 Claassen

5'9" 2025, Muskego HS 

-Scholarship prospect who's still open in recruiting. Has an athletic frame and runs the floor on the break. Show a lot off the bounce, extending to rim on finishes, and adding a quick and effective one-dribble pull-up jumper. Gets to the paint consistently and that also leads to getting to the free throw line on a regular basis and creating free points. Lengthy and that assists on the glass. Could end up being a great steal for the college she lands with. 


Lexys Foeckler, Chapman Basketball Academy 2025 South Blue

5'6" 2025 Guard, Muskego HS 

-Lanky Guard who has a fluid shooting touch from the arc and showed it off the left wing and left corner. Runs the court in transition game and can attack off the wings or direct the break from the point. Could see her playing a Combo Guard at the college level. Efficient scorer. 


Elaija Hall, Chapman Basketball Academy 2025 South Blue

2025 Forward

-Hall tracks the glass off both ends of the court, and despite being a little undersized, is able to gather rebounds in heavy traffic. The bulk of her scoring comes on the interior, and she is able to create some easy opportunities with second chance points off of offensive rebounds. Gets into transition game from front court as added weapon.


Ava Hanson, Wisconsin Blaze 2024 Inferno

5'7" 2024, Oshkosh North HS

-A lot of people say a player "does the little things that make a big difference". Hanson is as good at all those details and being a glue player as you will find. Did the bulk of her scoring off the bounce and attacking wide on the wing in transition. She can defend both bigger and quicker, rebounds her position at quality level and has a true Hoops IQ. Biggest play was late in a tight game, opponent shot goes up, there's a crowd for the rebound, Hanson claims it and triggers the break. It's the little things, and Hanson does that, will continue to bring that at college level.


Cassidy Hemauer, 24-Up 2025 Whiteford

5'10" 2025, Muskego HS

-Brings excellent size and strength from the Guard position. Would expect her to step into a prominent role with Muskego in her upcoming Junior season. Was excellent in the transition game, transitions out quickly into the break. With physical strength was able to get to, and convert from, the free throw line. Very sound defender who competes on the glass and is disruptive in passing lanes.


Ady Ketterhagen, Wisconsin Playmakers Thrive 2026

5'9" 2026, Ooostburg HS 

-As good as anyone I saw during the event. Already holds Division I offers. Her build and strength allow her to shake defenders with ease, and add in a quick trigger release and she's an absolute handful to defend. Has touch in the mid-range and footwork to set up shots. Her biggest weapon is her cold blooded shooting from the arc. She can absolutely shoot the rock at a very high clip and with extended range. Adds plus rebounding from wing position. Potential High Major talent.


Riley Ketterhagen, Wisconsin Playmakers Thrive 2026

5'9" 2026, Oostburg HS 

-Division I prospect who already holds offers with High Major potential. Tremendous shooter with range that extends well beyond the arc and is nearly automatic when she gets a clean look. Has some burst in her step as well, making her a matchup nightmare. Attacked off the bounce and turned a steal and score into a quick bucket. An easy fit at the college level as a Small Forward or Shooting Guard/3 Guard because of size and skill set.


Ellie Krull, Wisconsin Playmakers Thrive 2026

5'8" 2027, Xavier HS

-Competing against players up to 3 years older than herself didn't seem to rattle Krull in the slightest. A blur in the transition game, absolutely attacks the defense on the break, getting to the rim for scores and scanning the court looking for shooters off the wing. Changes speeds on the move, getting defenders off balance. Should be an impact player as a Freshman this upcoming season. High ceiling and she's learning to play up-tempo and alongside some excellent shooters speeding up her timeline as a Point Guard. 


Joy Krull, Wisconsin Playmakers Thrive 2026

5'7" 2026, Xavier HS 

-Krull is dynamic offensively. Runs the floor in transition game and is a threat attacking, especially off the edges, then when you get into a half-court set she is a sniper off the wings. Really understands spacing on a floor with a natural feel for flowing into the offense in transition and finding gaps in coverage when running sets. Double digit scorer as Freshman, who could step into the primary scorer role at Xavier potentially this upcoming season. Plays longer than listed height with a lean frame.


Maddie Lemke, 24-Up 2025 Whiteford

5'9" 2025, Franklin HS

-Versatile wing who was able to attack in the transition game, as well as the half-court. Flashed a nice step-back jumper on the move, showing smooth footwork into a clean release. Does well in the transition game off the wing, was able to create opportunities as a scorer and locating open teammates on the move for scores. Should have a great opportunity this winter to crack into the Franklin rotation.


Tenley Loos, Chapman Basketball Academy 2025 South Blue

5'10" 2025, Catholic Central HS

-Loos did an excellent job competing on the low block, both as a scorer, where she had a pair of well-executed step-through finishes, and on the boards, in particular the defensive glass. Keeps ball high on offensive boards and away from defenders for second chance opportunities. Did the majority of her work on the interior, but is also comfortable facing the rim and being able to put the ball on the deck for short drives and will step up to the arc as a shooter. Trails well in transition game when working from Post position.


Tay Maass, Wisconsin Playmakers Thrive 2026

5'11" 2026, Appleton North HS

-Not a lot of flash in Maass approach, just an old-school approach in attacking at the bucket and converting at a high percentage. Scored off the blocks, with a step-through finish and had an and 1 in heavy traffic. Tough as nails in the lane, may not be the biggest player inside, but she may be the toughest. Would expect her to have a major jump in her game at Appleton North, had a very nice Freshman season, but you can see the confidence in her game growing rapidly.


Julia McRae, 24-Up 2025 Whiteford

5'7" 2026, New Berlin West HS

-Able to work and be productive from either Guard spot. Moves well without the ball, including a smooth back-cut for a score. Athletic Guard who will be a plus rebounder from the perimeter. Can trigger the transition game with the ball or from the edges. Blends effective 3 point shooting with dribble attacks. Playing effectively, as well as up one class, she projects out as a scholarship talent. 


Leah Nordin, Wisconsin Blaze 2024 Inferno

6'1" 2026, Shawano HS 

-Unique Division I talent, Nordin can connect her skills to nearly any position or spot on the floor. Great off the baseline, attacking the rim and elevating for finishes or squaring up for jumpers, with range into the corner. Length and hops make her a force on the glass. Flows into transition game. One of the best 2026s in Wisconsin, and one of the most versatile kids in the entire Midwest. Controls opponents drives with same length and quality lateral movement. High Major candidate who would give coaches lots of different ways to implement her skill set.


Lauren O'Regan

5'10" 2025, Whitefish Bay HS 

-I like the potential upside of O'Regan. Able to work as an inside/perimeter front court player. Still building on her offensive game, you definitely see some flashes of a bright future. Scored on the interior, and can handle the ball and get clean looks from the edges. As a lefty, she can be deceptive on her drives and finishes. Definitely a 2025 to track during the upcoming High School season as she steps into a bigger role at Whitefish Bay. 


Anna Reimers, 1on1 Milwaukee 2024 Navy

5'6" 2024, Whitefish Bay HS

-The best description I could think of for Reimers was bull off the bounce. She attacks north-south and it is extremely difficult to change her direction as a defender. With that attack mindset she consistently gets to the free throw line as well, and never shies from contact. Will bring toughness to the college basketball program that lands her. Competes on the defensive end and the glass, especially on the offensive end.  


Clare Sperka, Chapman Basketball Academy 2025 South Blue

5'7" 2025 Guard, Muskego HS 

-Have seen Sperka a few times and appreciate the offensive efficiency she brings to Chapman. True three level scorer, and adds to that with playmaking in transition game and she's a true offensive weapon. Would expect her to expand role significantly in Junior season at Muskego. Prolific shooter off the right side, flashing that range off the wing and corner. Strong build allows her to play through contact, led to multiple and 1 opportunities. Scholarship talent. 


Shayna Williamson, Wisconsin Blaze 2024 Inferno

5'9" 2024, Appleton North HS

-Dangerous shooter who circled the arc with threes, hitting from the left, top of the key and right. Adds versatility in her recruiting by being to operate as a Combo Guard efficiently. Averaged 8 PPG as Junior, but with a graduation should step into a more featured scoring role this season. Pretty even blend of three pointers and drives makes defenders play her honestly. 

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