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Minnesota Elite Camp Notes

06/23/2023, 5:00pm CDT
By Chuck Thompson

Kate Amelotte

5'11" 2026

High School: Wayzata

Club Program: North Tartan 2026 EYBL 

-They're very uncommon, but some kids are so strong physically off the bounce, keep the ball tight to their frame, and are able to explode to the rim, that they are nearly impossible to stop. Amelotte is in that group. Defend her with smaller, she's too physical for them, defend her with bigger, she's too quick and uses a strong opening step to gain the defenders hip on her initial move. High Major prospect. 


Elayna Boe

5'11" 2025

High School: Lakeville North

Club Program: Crossfire 2025 Mueller

-Not a surprise to see Boe excelling in early camp skills work. She's a player that is constantly growing her game. Would anticipate an even more expanded role in her Junior year at perennial AAAA contender Lakeville North. Plays longer, gets extension to finish drives, allowing her to finish at high point.


Abigail Brown

6'0" 2025

High School: Green Hope (NC)

Club Program: FBC Carolina Elite 

-One of the most intriguing prospects at camp was Brown, a North Carolina native. An athletic front court talent who was able to attack and produce off the edges and compete on the glass and finish off interior looks as well. Smooth in transition game off the wing, or as a trailer who can pull up from the arc, or out pace opponents and get looks to the rim. Division I talent with positional versatility, who I could see working from either Forward spot, including as a stretch four. 


Ellie Davis

6'0" 2025

High School: Cambridge-Isanti (MN)

Club Program: Minnesota Stars 2025 Peterson

-Haven't had a chance to see much of Davis yet, but I like what I've seen. Good build with strength. Really tough interior player, will fight on the glass and brings a presence defensively, contests shots and sweeps the glass. With some heavy interior graduation at Cambridge-Isanti, could be a great opportunity for Davis to emerge as a college prospect. 


Ellie Drange

5'7" 2027

High School: Hill-Murray (MN)

Club Program: North Tartan 2027 Elite

-Drange has a very sound build with some strength. Really looked sharp mechanically in drill sessions. Understands spacing, squares to the rim, comes off screens tight and can handle the ball and finish. Definitely a prospect that has college scholarship potential. 


Rae Ehrman

5'10" 2025

High School: Eden Prairie (MN)

Club Program: Minnesota Fury 2025 UAA

-One of the players this spring and summer I've pegged for a huge step forward in their game when they return for their High School season, Ehrman is showing great confidence in her stroke off the wings, and flashing deep range to couple with it. Ideal size and strength to work from the Shooting Guard or 3 Guard/Small Forward slot at the college level, where she is a Division I recruit. Understands spacing and finds gap in defensive coverage. Flows well in transition game and is weapon as trail shooter from the edges. 


Sophie Hawkinson

5'8" 2025

High School: Wayzata (MN)

Club Program: North Tartan 2025 EYBL

-Hawkinson proved to be one of the most productive talents during the live play period. Hawkinson will likely step into the go-to player offensively next season at Wayzata, as the only returning double-figure producer last season. Dangerous from the arc, strong off the bounce, and cuts and back cuts hard, stressing defenders, she is a handful to contain defensively. One of the elite 2025 talents in Minnesota. One of the most skilled offensive players in the Midwest, she is a great fit and a High Major prospect at the Shooting Guard position.


Cail Jahnke

6'2" 2026

High School: St Michael-Albertville (MN)

Club Program: North Tartan 2026 EYBL

-Opportunity for Jahnke to show that she can play at the High Major level at this camp, and she definitely delivered. Already a key cog in a AAAA State Championship and competing at the EYBL level, she has sharpened her game through great competition. Her height (and added length) allow her to get clean looks on jumpers in the mid-range and three point levels. When chased off the line, can put it on the deck and get to the paint, then rim, in 1-2 dribbles. Ideal High Major fit from either Guard or Small Forward spot. Quick hops get her to the glass, where she is a plus rebounder. One of the elite talents at camp. 


Chloe Johnson

5'10" 2028

High School: Duluth Marshall (MN)

Club Program: Minnesota Starks 2024

-It's nice to see when Johnson, as good as any 2028 not only in the Midwest, but perhaps the nation, gets to compete against other strong DI Guards who are potentially High Major talents. The elevated competition doesn't rattle her, she just treats it as a chance to continue to sharpen her game. She has an advanced feel for the game and how an offense operates, she seems the game developing slowly in front of her, even at the most hectic pace. 


Inia Jones

5'6" 2024

High School: Omaha Central (NE)

Club Program: Nebraska Hoops Elite 2024

-One of the most confident players you'll see with the ball in her hands, Jones exudes confidence in her handles and ability to attack any defender, whether via physical drives through traffic or a sneaky quick three point stroke that extends beyond the arc. Division I recruit who has the ability to carry an offense for stretches when needed. She's not the tallest, but is very strong and keeps the ball attached to her frame on drives. Stock continues to rise. 


Ava Miles

6'0" 2026

High School: Staley (MO)

Club Program: Della Lamb

-Division I prospect who has the requisite size to attack off the bounce with her strong frame, and the athleticism to navigate traffic while taking punishment in the paint. Good lift on her jumper and can rise up over defender with extended range. Defensively, gets hips low and can contain opposing drives 1 on 1 in space. 


Mya Moore 

5'10" 2026

High School: Orono 

Club Program: North Tartan 2026 EYBL

-Moore is so smooth with her jumper, and that includes excellent footwork, high release and mechanics. She is consistent from the arc and can extend her range well past the line. High Major prospect who owns an advanced scoring tool kit. Despite her lean build, it is rare to see her get knocked off her path in getting to the basket or in transition finishes.


Vienna Murray

6'0" 2026

High School: Tartan (MN)

Club Program: North Tartan 2026 EYBL

-Division I talent who plays even longer than her listed 6'0". Dangerous weapon who can strike from the arc with elevation and a smooth shooting stroke. When she puts it on the deck, can get to the rim in 1-2 dribbles. Plus rebounder off the edges. Patient in her attacks, assesses pre-catch and is ready to attack with correct read. 


Jaeden Pratt

5'8" 2025

High School: Ankeny Centennial

Club Program: Kingdom Hoops 2024 Elite

-Pratt is a well-established force off the bounce. She stays upright on drives, absorbs contact well, and finishes square to the bucket. Division I prospect looks smooth on the move, has strong footwork mechanics and keeps her eye level up. A big bonus is that she will consistently get to (and convert ) from the free throw line. Excellent rebounder from the Guard spot. 


Arshia Ramlall

5'7" 2027

High School: Rosemount

Club Program: Minnesota Fury 2027 Yellow

-One of the few chances for an individual to do something with all eyes at camp on them was then Ramlall was involved in a 3-point shooting drill. She dazzled. She hit 16 out of 18 during a stretch and finished 16 for 20, including many deep threes. That'll get eyes on you in a hurry. An accomplished scorer, Ramlall could rally make a splash as she sees an expanded role with one of the top AAAA programs in Minnesota at Rosemount. 


Mya Wilson

6'0" 2027

High School: Hill-Murray (MN)

Club Program: North Tartan 2026 EYBL

-Wilson was as good as anyone at the camp, and her skills flashed even against older strong competition. It was a treat watching her compete, and dominate at times with her advanced offensive arsenal. Silky smooth off the bounce, excellent footwork and release on her jumper in the mid-range and the arc, and all while maintaining a vision line and looking for teammates when help arrives. High Major prospect who already has the offensive skills and is growing them and added to her tool box of options. 

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