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The Daily Dozen (Summer Jam, Saturday, June 17th, 2023)

06/18/2023, 9:15pm CDT
By Chuck Thompson

12 Standouts from Summer Jam, Saturday, June 17, 2023)


Kate Amelotte, North Tartan 2026 EYBL 

5'11" 2026, Wayzata HS (MN)

-In one of the best games of the day, Amelotte had a strong performance against Minnesota Fury 2025. She brings the strength of a Power Forward combined with an excellent perimeter skillset. Really knows how to use spin moves off drives, even when it may appear congested. One of the best 2026s in Minnesota, the High Major prospect is part of a very deep class. Lethal off the bounce, defenses also have to respect her ability to convert jumpers, including from the arc. 


Kendall Barnes, Minnesota Stars 2024 3SSB

5'7" 2024, Roseville HS (MN)

-Barnes is a player who is dominant off the bounce. Even when teams do everything they can, she still gets into the paint and to the rim. Very powerful and compact off the bounce, she keeps the ball tight to her frame, lets her strength fend off defenders, and finishes at a high point towards the rim. When you find a player that is so skilled at a facet of their game like Barnes is attacking the basket north-south, you know that will translate to a scholarship opportunity. 


Nataya Donaldson, Wisconsin Playground Elite 2026 Purple

5'9" 2026, Beaver Dam HS (WI)

-Donaldson was stellar in a win over SD Network 2026. Sprayed threes across the arc, off the left and right wings and the top as well. Smooth release and follow through on her jumpers, confident any time she pulls the trigger. Would expect her recruiting profile to grow. Has a very good build and isn't rattled in traffic. Competes on the glass and has positional versatility as a Shooting Guard who can slide to the wing and handle bigger opponents at a 3 Guard/Small Forward spot. 


Savannah Hedin, So-Minn Fury 2024

2024, Stewartville HS (MN)

-Had a chance to watch Hedin twice on Saturday. The first game I was impressed with her strength and ability to attack off the bounce, beat an initial defender, absorb contact and finish at the rim. The second game, she opened the game on a 7-0 run, with 3 more powerful finishes, including an and 1. She is playing great basketball this summer, heading into her Senior year. Still open in recruiting, High D3, NAIA or D2 talent, and in a drive oriented offense would be a natural fit off the wings collegiately. Proven scoring productivity. 


Chloe Johnson, Minnesota Starks 2024

5'10" 2028, Duluth Marshall HS (MN)

-Once in awhile, you get to catch a look at something special in real time. I think Johnson's 2nd half in a come from behind win over All Iowa Attack 2024 Black was one of those times. Down nearly 20, and playing against future college players 4 years older than herself, she dazzled with jumpers, threes, incredible ball-handling displays, steals converted to scores, and willed her team back, looking unstoppable as a scorer when that's what her team needed. There is something incredibly special in this youngster. When it comes to pick and roll execution, she is as good, already, as any Point Guard in the region reading what the defense does and exploiting it.  


Bailey Klote, So-Minn Fury 2024

5'11" 2024, Rochester Century HS (MN)

-Klote has shown her ability to adjust her game to whatever the situation calls for. Last season she was relied on to be the primary scorer where the offense ran through her, and she showed she could handle it. This season with So-Minn Fury she is part of a balanced lineup & has shown the patience to pick her spots within the system and be a consistent scorer and rebounder. Versatile and can play a Guard, Small Forward or Stretch Forward effectively. Rebounds her spot and can score across the board, including the arc. One of the most underrated players in Minnesota.


Brooklyn Love, All Iowa Attack 2024 Nike Black 

6'1" 2024, Waterloo West HS (IA)

-Want to know a rare combo in a player? Ability to block shots on one end and bury the three pointer on the other, Love is in that select group. She has quick hops contesting shots and excellent timing on her blocks. Rebounds out of the front court at a high level. Offensively she's a great fit as a stretch four who can deliver from the arc consistently, and attack defenders on drives with a long stride and ability to finish shots out of the reach of defenders. Scholarship talent with an elevated ceiling for even more growth.


Addi Mack, Minnesota Fury 2025 UAA

5'8" 2025, Minnehaha Academy HS (MN)

-One thing I've noticed about Mack is that whatever you run at her defensively, she is skilled enough to counter it and create for herself or for teammates who are open when the double team attacks her. A creative scorer who has an advanced offensive skill set and can score from anywhere on the court, slippery off the bounce, silky smooth with a jumper and despite a lean frame, she is a menace in the lane with her initial attack and counter moves to whatever the defense shows her. Truly elite scoring talent. 


Jordan Ode, Minnesota Fury 2025 UAA

6'0" 2025, Maple Grove HS (MN)

-Another player I happened to catch twice over the weekend. Ode continually grows her game, and has become a true three-level scorer off the edges, who, with her height and length can exploit defenders in a variety of ways. Her profile only continues to grow. She is a plus rebounder from a wing, sees the court on the move & makes consistently correct reads. High Major talent who fits the bill in what you're looking for in a well-rounded game, who continues to identify solid areas and build them into additional strengths. 


Kayla Reis, All Iowa Attack 2024 Nike Black

5'7" 2024, Dallas Center-Grimes HS (IA)

-Reis showed her ability to catch fire from the arc for Attack and led the team on a huge surge. A key member of a State Championship High School team last season, should step into a primary scoring role this season. Has committed to Rockhurst for her college career. Has a well-balanced offensive game, and will also distribute, rebound her position and create pressure up on the ball defensively. 


Ashton Safranski, Minnesota Stars 2024 3SSB

5'7" 2024, Fargo Davies HS (ND)

-Every once in a while you watch a player, and every time you do, you have more appreciation for their overall game than the time before, Safranski is that type of player. Scholarship talent who is a great athlete and has an uncanny knack of knowing exactly what her team needs, and she can deliver it to them as a creator or a primary scorer. Simply put, she's a winner, and her game will translate to the college game. Has quickness from the Point, keeps her eye level up & always looking to dish, and can step outside the arc and deliver when she sees cushion. A winner on the court. 


Emilie Sorensen, All Iowa Attack 2025 EYBL

5'9" 2025, Waukee HS (IA)

-Sorensen is about to explode in recruiting. You sense it when the ball is in her hands, she knows she can attack and score against whatever her initial defender shows. Great three point touch with deep range, and one of those players that can catch fire and carry an offense for long stretches, those players are hard to find. Will be a player capable of being a primary scorer at the Division I level with her shooting touch and ability to create off the bounce. 

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