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Five Questions/Quick Hitters: Abby Krzewinski

10/23/2022, 10:15am CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions & Quick Hitters is with Abby Krzewinski, one of the top 2023s who is still open in the region. Played club hoops with Minnesota Fury 2023 UAA and at Wayzata High School (MN). Thanks for your time Abby!


1) Following a coaching change you have made the decision to re-open your recruiting. As this is your Senior year, what are you looking for in a school and basketball program, and when are you hoping you'll be able to make a new decision?

I am looking to find a place that fits my values as a person and a basketball player. A program that has a great connection with each other on and off the court, and can be trusted when something goes a little unplanned. But also a staff and team that will work hard and push me to work on my weaknesses as well as my strengths. Looking at academics, I'm looking for a school that allows a variety of opportunities for me to explore and excel in. I am hoping to make my decision within the next few months so I can be ready for my senior season, and planning for college.


2) You just wrapped up your club career with Minnesota Fury. Now that you're back in school again and take a look back, what were some of your favorite club memories through the years?

Throughout the years I was lucky to play with a number of girls, coaches, and programs. One of my favorite older memories consists of me playing for the Crossfire with my best friends and traveling to D.C together. We made it way further in that tournament than we expected. Along with being a part of the Fury for 3 years, the girls bonded so quickly and all of our celebrations, hotel hangouts, and dinners made those tears fly by fast.


3) At Wayzata you lose Mara Braun to Minnesota, but you have the bulk of the lineup returning. What are some of your individual and team goals for the 2022-23 season?

Individually I want to increase my range so I can continue to be a threat for my team. As a team we are focused on each game and really use each girl's strength to our advantage. Winning sections and winning state is always in our mind, but focusing on each tiny detail to get there will help us achieve that.


4) You've dealt with a lot of adversity in your career, from an ACL injury to having to re-open your recruitment with a coaching change. What are some of the things you've used to keep grounded through adversity?

Through times of difficulty I've found it best to hangout with my teammates and friends. Having a solid support group has helped me so much through ups and downs in the game of basketball. It makes it so much better when you can look at a friend/teammate and know the world is bigger than a ball going in a hoop. Along with other small hobbies like painting, or reading, or even just being outside, taking that time has helped me overcome these challenges.


5) Wayzata has a huge youth program, and the players look up to the older players. As one of those players who will be leading the team this year, what advise would you give to those young players on how to improve their games and what to look for if they get into the recruiting game?

My advice would be to work on all parts of your game. Whether you are a short guard, or bigger post, working on all aspects of the game is so important nowadays. A small amount every day will take you a long way. When going into recruiting, enjoy it as much as you can. It flies by, and can be stressful at times but it’s an important process. Never forget your values and what you are looking for, and if you do that then you will find the best home for you.


Quick Hitters:

1) Toughest player you've had to defend: Adalia McKenzie

2) Favorite coach of all-time: Craig Vaughn (Crossfire)

3) Go-to Snack: Twin snakes, Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos

4) Favorite Teacher: 2nd grade teacher Mr Roberts

5) Favorite HS Gym (besides Wayzata): Hopkins

6) Funniest teammate: Savannah McGowan (Armstrong/Fury)

7) Last person you texted: Best Friend Ash

8) Favorite Social Media Snapchat

9) Biggest Phobia: Dark/Woods

10) Favorite professional sports team: Milwaukee Bucks

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