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Five Questions/Quick Hitters: Maggie Tynan

10/17/2022, 3:15am CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions & Quick Hitters is with one of the top 2024 prospects in Nebraska, Maggie Tynan. Maggie attends Marian High School and plays club hoops with Nebraska Attack. Thanks for your time Maggie!



1. You are one of the most highly regarded posts in Nebraska in the 2024 class. What are some of the features you'll be seeking in a basketball program in your recruiting, what type of coaching staff are you hoping to pair with, and do you feel you are close to deciding what you'd like to Major in? 

I would consider myself a “people person” so I would look for coaches that are relatable and enjoyable to be around but challenge me to be my best and help me grow as a player. I am not sure on a major, but I have considered a career in Physical Therapy or Education.


2. As you head into your Junior season at Marian, what are some of the things you feel the team will need to do to take a step to the next level and into contention, and what are some of your personal goals for the 2022-23 season? 

As a team I feel like we are close to taking our game to the next level and competing for a spot in the state tournament. We need to build on the work we put in last season and come together as a group to reach our goals. We have a great group of girls back this year and I am excited for what our team can accomplish together. As for me personally, my goals are to use the skills I have worked on and developed over the summer to increase my overall production both offensively and defensively. I would like to step up and be a leader now that I am and upperclassman and hopefully increase my scoring and rebounding to help our team win! 


3. With Nebraska Attack you get to play on the UAA circuit. What were some of your favorite events and memories from the 2022 club season, and what are some of the things you're most looking forward to in the spring and summer of 2023? 

I loved spending lots of time on the road with my Dad and teammates. I was new to Attack this year so it took some time for me to adjust but by the time we got to the UA National Finals in Pennsylvania, I felt I was playing some of my best games of the summer. I really enjoyed playing for Coach Kev and Coach Murphy, taking a team trip to Hershey Park while in PA, and all of our team meals. As for 2023 spring and summer season, I am hoping to build on what I have done the past year and seeing where my game takes me. 


4. Traditional posts like yourself are often developing both their back to the basket game, as well as adding perimeter skills. What is one area of your game you're currently working on building into more of a strength, and what is one area of your face to the basket (perimeter) game, that you're trying to build to make you more of a dual threat? 

I am working hard on being a more physical presence in the paint. I am 6’3” but I just started working on strength training 4 times a week and I can already tell a difference in training. As for facing the basket, we practice shooting a ton of 3’s in the summer and I am pretty comfortable from outside the 3 point line, but I doubt I will get the green light to start shooting a bunch of 3’s this year! Facing the basket, I would like to improve my strength with the ball when attacking the basket from the high post. 


5. When you get time away from the basketball court, what are some of your favorite leisure time activities?

I am on the golf team at my high school and I love hanging out with friends and going to the lake. 


Quick Hitters:

1. Toughest opposing post you've had to defend: Doneelah Washington 

2. Favorite spot to shoot from: Low post!

3. Favorite singer or band: Taylor Swift 

4. Favorite color: Orange 

5. Favorite visiting High School gym to play at: Millard South 

6. Favorite Social Media: Instagram 

7. Game day go-to snack: Gatorade and any fresh fruit 

8. Person you text the most: Mom and Dad 

9. Last thing you lost: My air pods 

10. Favorite place you've traveled to for a basketball game or event: Pennsylvania

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