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Five Questions/Quick Hitters: Gracie Gopalan

10/17/2022, 4:00am CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions & Quick Hitters is with Gracie Gopalan, one of the top 2024 Point Guards in Wisconsin. A State Champion with Waupun High School (WI) & member of Wisconsin Impact 2024 Kelley. Thanks for your time Gracie!


1. As you move further into the recruiting game, what will be some of the things that you will be seeking in a school both academically (as you carry a 4.0 GPA), as well as what style of play would you like to find in a basketball program?

As I move forward into the recruiting process I will be seeking to find a program that challenges me academically. As far as the basketball program I want the right culture fit first and foremost. I'm intrigued in a program that is just as high on defense as they're on offense. I believe my skill set allows me to play multiple styles of offense. I enjoy fast tempo dribble drive offense because I've used it on multiple teams. 


2. Your High School, Waupun, is coming off a State Championship in Division 3 and returns a lot of key players from that team, including yourself. As one of the returning leaders, what are your team goals for the 2022-23 season, and what are some of your personal goals as you look to build your game even further in your Junior season?

Although we have a young team for the 2022-23 season, we still have very high expectations. As far as team goals we are focused on growing as team and  progressing to compete at the highest level possible this year. Some personal goals are continuing to grow my leadership role on this team. Losing some big pieces gives me the opportunity to be more of a threat on the offensive side, while still making plays for my teammates.


3. With Wisconsin Impact 2024 Kelley, you also play for one of the regions top club programs. What were some of your favorite events from the 2022 season, and what are some things you and your team will look to build on even further in 2023?

Some of my favorite events from this year was winning Nike Eybl Boo Williams Tournament in Virginia and Run 4 the Roses in Louisville. This past season we  had many ups and downs (lots of injuries) but the relationships I've made with these girls makes it all very worth it. We've grown together over the years, which is why we play so well with each other on the court.  Some things we will build further into during the 2023 season will be progressing in our skills and adjusting to our team. We've lost a couple and added some, so we will have to figure out what works for us and then play the basketball we know how to play.

You are one of the quickest Guards I saw in the region last year. Besides your speed, what are 3-4 other things in your game that you feel are your strengths, and what is an area of your game you're currently working at building into another weapon you can use?

Some strengths in my game would be my tempo, making reads, passing, and defense. As a point guard I have always had a pass first mentality, which has made me improve the way I distribute the ball. When I have the ball in my hand I tend to use tempo to get past my defender. I try to be unpredictable so tempo allows me to go different speeds to set the offense. I believe I have a high basketball IQ so making reads has always been a strength. My goal is to either get by my defender or draw 2 to open up driving lanes and get a shot for my teammate/myself. When it comes to my defensive game, I have one goal and that is to stop whoever is in front of me. I tend to be up in their face causing havoc in anyway possible. I'm currently working on improving my shot, so I can help my team in that way. I have worked on off the dribble pull ups and then being able to shoot anywhere on the arc.


5. When you get a break away from the court, what are some of your favorite activities and places you have traveled outside of basketball?

My favorite activities is anything on the water, hanging out with friends/family, and shopping. I love to travel and I've been to multiple different states in the US. For Spring break we usually go down south to Ft. Meyers, Florida. As far as out of the country I have been to Mexico.


Quick Hitters:

1. Best player you've played against: Kayl Petersen

2. Favorite TV show: All American or Big Sky

3. Biggest role model: My parents

4. Favorite board game: Sequence

5. Dream vacation: the Bahamas 

6. Favorite visiting High School gym to play at: Kewaskum

7. Toughest class: CAPP Chemistry

8. Favorite movie: Any Disney movie

9. Biggest phobia: Ophidiophobia (fear of snakes)

10. Favorite pizza toppings: Pepperoni & Sausage 

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