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Five Questions/Quick Hitters: Betsy Gillette

10/12/2022, 1:00am CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions & Quick Hitters is with Betsy Gillette. Betsy is a 2026 who could make an impact as a Freshman at Hayfield High School (MN) and plays club hoops with Air Minnesota. Thanks for your time Betsy!


1. It looks like you opened some eyes at the Prep Girls Hoops Freshman Showcase. What were some of the skills you worked on while there, and what were some of the things you learned while at the Showcase itself? 

I enjoy the opportunity to be able to take the ball to the hoop.  The main skill I worked on was knowing when to shoot and when to dish off as I drive to the basket.  One of the things I learned was the caliber of competition that is out there.  Being from a smaller school, I do not get to see so high of a skill level in one gym.  This shows me how hard I need to keep working to stay ahead of the competition.  


2. As you step into a potential role with the Varsity this season at Hayfield, have you set any goals for yourself, and what are some of the areas you feel you can make an impact early in your career? 

Hayfield has a very talented varsity team this year and I look forward to the opportunity to play alongside them.  My goal is to be a hard worker during practice, be coachable, and to have a great upbeat attitude towards the game no matter what.  Hopefully this will help earn playing time with this great group of athletes. 

One way I feel I can make an impact is that I am a versatile player.  I have been a guard most of my career but was put into the post position during AAU and was able to hold my own there also. 


3. You play your club basketball with Air Minnesota, a little bit smaller program on the way up in Minnesota. What are some of your favorite moments from last season, and what are you looking for and hoping to accomplish in your development in 2023? 

One of the things I like about the AIR program is that we are like one big family. The program looks out for what is best for the athletes.  My favorite moment was realizing how much we improved from the beginning of the season.  We started off timid and unsure of each other’s talents, but by the end of the season we clicked and played some great basketball! 

In 2023 I look forward to developing my skills further and staying composed during difficult situations on the court.  


4. As you start your High School career you will get further along in the recruiting process. Who are some of the coaches/players (current or former)/family that you believe you may look to for assistance during the recruiting process? 

I will look towards my head coach in Hayfield, Kasey Krekling, for guidance.  I will also look to my AIR coaches; Nancy Soro, Lucas Carisch, and Heidi Sonju.  All of these coaches along with my parents will be a great asset as I look forward to a college career. 


5. What would you consider to be the biggest strengths in your game currently, and what area are you working on right now that you are intending to turn into a strength as well? 

One of my strengths is that I am not afraid to drive to the basket.  I am beginning to recognize when to dish off and when to take the ball all the way to the hoop.   

I am working on improving my ball handling skills and being my agile on defense. 


Quick Hitters:

1. Toughest player you've had to defend: Audrey Shindelar from Stewartville 

2. Favorite visiting High School gym to play at: Kasson-Mantorville High School 

3. Go-to hype song: varies game to game! 

4. Most annoying celebrity: I’m not big into celebrities. 

5. Favorite zoo animal: giraffe 

6. Last good book you read: Bob by Wendy Mass & Rebecca Stead 

7. Dream vacation: Bahamas 

8. Favorite Netflix series: Outer Banks 

9.Funniest teammate: Bailey Schmitz (AIR) 

10. Favorite Social Media: Snapchat  

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