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Five Questions/Quick Hitters: Molly Bills

10/10/2022, 6:00am CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions & Quick Hitters is with Molly Bills. Molly is a 2023 from La Crescent-Hokah High School (MN) who played club hoops with Wisconsin Playmakers Showcase South. Thanks for your time Molly!


1. Congratulations on your recent commitment to UW-Stout! What were some of the deciding factors in your decision to join the Blue Devils and play for Coach Iverson?

Meeting the players and seeing the positive atmosphere they create within the gym made me feel super welcome and excited to be there. I also love the coaching staff and I look forward to playing for them! 


2. Over the spring and summer you concluded your club career with Wisconsin Playmakers. What were some of your favorite memories, not from just this season, but your overall career playing club basketball?

My favorite memory from AAU was winning the NIKE TOC in Chicago and the Bluestar select league! In Indianapolis, we went to Top Golf where we learned a couple of my teammates should definitely not try out for the golf team. I love when we go out to eat or just hangout in the lobby. Our team gets along super well and enjoy the time we get together. One of my favorite memories at a hotel was when 3 WI Playmaker teams were all in the lobby together just hanging out. 


3. Last season La Crescent-Hokah kind of hovered around the .500 mark. As you head into your Senior season on the court, what are some of your goals for yourself and this years squad?

We are really looking to contend for a conference title and earn and win a home playoff game for the first time in 10+ years! We also want to expand our skill set as a team so everyone has the ability to score when they want. We have two 6ft+ posts that we want to be more involved. I would love to take on a bigger leadership role and create a very positive environment for all of my teammates. I want everyone to enjoy playing basketball and encourage the younger players to continue playing!


4. Sometimes at a smaller school it can be difficult to get noticed by college coaches at times. What were some of the things you did to get your name out in front of coaches in the recruiting process?

Coach Peplinski from WI Playmakers played a really big part in my recruiting process. I also used twitter to get my name out there: following colleges I was interested in, along with posting highlight reels from my account on Sports Recruits. I also filled out a few recruiting forms colleges offer online.  I wouldn’t have ever had these opportunities without my aau coaches, Mitchell Doerr and Carter Hayden convincing me to do AAU in the first place and helping me become the player I am.


5. Congratulations as well on being chosen as the Homecoming Queen! What are some of the events that you will be attending in Association with the crown?

We have a homecoming parade that everyone participates in! I also walk out onto the field at halftime of the football game after performing in the band.


Quick Hitters:

1. Favorite city you traveled to for basketball event: Louisville, Kentucky

2. Go-to snack on game day: Zone Perfect Protein Bars

3. Favorite Season: Summer

4. Favorite Class: Math

5. Favorite professional sports team: Any Minnesota team

6. Funniest teammate: Emma Stavenau

7. Favorite book: One Italian Summer

8. Every player at La Crescent-Hokah runs a sprint baseline to baseline, who wins: Cali Esser

9. Dream job: Engineer

10. What is your favorite type of weather: Any hot Summer day

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