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Five Questions/Quick Hitters: Kendra Overskei

10/10/2022, 3:30am CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions & Quick Hitters is with Kendra Overskei, a talented 2025 out of Maple Grove High School (MN) & Minnesota Stars for club hoops. Thanks for your time Kendra!

Kendra Overskei YouTube Link



1) We'll start with a quick look back at the spring and summer. You were with Minnesota Stars 2025 DeSart and had a successful summer individually and with the team. What were some of your favorite events you played in, and what were some areas of your game you felt you improved on during the club season?

Two of my favorite events I played in are USJN Indianapolis and Des Moines Summer Finale. It was fun to be around and play around top competition in the country. It was also fun having all the college coaches around watching. I felt that being able to defend multiple positions was an area that I really improved on. I’ve been working hard on my speed and strength, which has really helped me in this area. Also, I have always been known as a good outside shooter. I’ve really improved my ability to drive to the basket and finish.


2) As a multi-level scorer with size on the wing, you will likely garner a lot of interest in recruiting. What are some of the things you hope to find in a school, do you know what you'd like to Major in yet, and what are you wanting to see in a basketball program?

I am undecided what I want to go to school for yet. I am thinking about either business, law, or going into the medical field. I really want to find a school that will be a great fit academically and athletically. I want to push myself and go to a school that is really competitive in their conference.


3) Maple Grove is coming off a very strong 2021-22 season. As you look to crack the lineup in 2022-23 what are some of the goals you've set for yourself this year, and what type of role are you hoping for with the Crimson this season?

Maple Grove has always been a program with a lot of talented players, and we have a lot of returners from the team last year. I want to continue to learn from the upperclassmen, gain experience, and have an opportunity to contribute.


4) You train with Verve Basketball Academy in addition to playing with Maple Grove and Minnesota Stars. What are some of the areas of focus you're currently working on with Verve Basketball Academy, and how often do you get the opportunity to train there?

Damien at Verve Academy has really been working with me on my ball handling, quick moves to the basket, finishing at the rim, and all shooting ranges. During the Summer and Fall, I’ve been training with Verve a couple times a week along with a speed and strength training program. I also enjoy working on my game on my own at the gym or outside on my hoop.


5) Many players are active using their Social Media to promote themselves to coaches. You have a YouTube link in your Twitter bio. What Social Media do you use, and in what ways do you try to promote your game and skill set within those Social Media accounts

I use Twitter the most to promote my highlights and game film. It is good for letting me post my personal and team success. I also use Youtube, and I post my highlights and game film that college coaches can watch.  


Quick Hitters: 

1) Name of your favorite play at Maple Grove: Utah

2) Favorite place you've ever traveled for basketball: Virginia

3) Dream Vacation: Hawaii

4) What do you wish you learned earlier: Post moves

5) Toughest player you've had to defend: Audrey Korman, she has elbows!

6) Favorite Zoo Animal: Cheetah

7) Last Google search: Arden Hills driving test

8) Funniest teammate: Kaitlyn Clough

9) Best defensive player you've played with: Jordan Ode

10) Favorite spot to shoot from: Corner Three Pointer 

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