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Five Questions/Quick Hitters: Karinna Trotter

10/10/2022, 2:30am CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions & Quick Hitters is with Karinna Trotter, one of the top 2025 talents in Wisconsin, and Division I prospect. Karinna plays for Divine Savior Holy Angels High School and will play up a grade with Wisconsin Impact 2024 Witt next club season. Thanks for your time Karinna!



1. You played this past season with Wisconsin Impact, and next season you will actually be playing up an age level with Impact, at the 2024 level. What were some of your fondest memories from this most recent season, and what are you looking forward to with the challenge of playing up next season?

Off the court is where some of my fondest memories lie. On the court, I had such an amazing time, playing with amazing people who I really bonded with, but we just had so much fun hanging out. Whether it was finding something to do after games or hanging out in hotels, we always had fun, so I can’t pick something in particular. I’m most looking forward to getting better and not only growing as a player but as a person. It will be a new experience with new people and will push me to stay at my best consistently which is a challenge I can’t wait to attack.


2. You were able to step in and make an impact as a Freshman at DSHA last season. As you head into your Sophomore season, what are some of your personal and team goals for 2022-23?

A few personal goals I have for myself are being 90% from the free throw line, leading rebounder, and keeping my percentage from last year of 60% from the 3 point line. Three goals I have for my team this year are winning at least 6 out of our 8 non-conference games, winning conference, and winning Sectionals, therefore going to state!


3. As you start to get farther down the recruiting path I have two questions for you. First, who are some of the people you'll rely on to help you navigate through the process and secondly, what type of school are you looking for in terms of both academics and athletics?

The biggest person helping me through this process is my dad for a number of reasons, mainly because he went through it himself. He is my biggest supporter and just wants to see me succeed in whatever makes me happy. He makes sure I am asking the right questions and doing the right things which I will forever be grateful for. I am looking for a school that will be challenging and where I can make an impact both on the court and in the classroom. Going to a college preparatory school has already given me so many tools to help me in the classroom and real world, so I am striving for a place that will hold me to the same standards and force me to work hard. As for athletics, anywhere that wants me and where I can see myself being successful, happy, and impactful.


4. You have a unique skill set in the fact you have the height to work down low and control the glass on both ends of the floor, but the shooting prowess to work from the perimeter as a consistent three-point threat. Do you prefer playing on the perimeter or inside and what are a couple of parts of your game you're currently working on to continue to further your ability to create a mis-match?

I honestly do not have a preference when it comes to where I play, as long as I can help myself and others grow and win. I am currently working on being more comfortable bringing the ball up the floor and implementing my ball handling skills into my half-court offense game.


5. You've gotten opportunities to play in some invitation events. Are there any you've already attended, and are there any you are planning to attend in the near future?

I’ve done the UW-Milwaukee Unofficial Visit, Prep Girls Hoops Expo Event, and yesterday I attended the Jr. All Star Expo Event. As of right now no, but I’m positive I will do some in the future!


Quick Hitters:

1. Favorite visiting High School gym to play at: Homestead

2. Funniest teammate: Danica Gosz and/or Katie O'Laughlin

3. Dream Job: Something in business

4. Favorite Class: Character Driven Leadership

5. Toughest Class: Honors Chemistry

6. Favorite Disney character: Princess Tiana

7. Go-to snack: Popcorn

8. Favorite Zoo Animal: Turtle

9. Biggest role model: My Mimi

10. Hidden talent: I can play the piano

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