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Five Questions/Quick Hitters: Neleigh Gessert

10/08/2022, 3:30pm CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions & Quick Hitters is with Neleigh Gessert, a Division I prospect out of Millard West High School (NE) who led the team in scoring as a Freshman and plays up a grade with ETG Midwest Elite 2024 for club hoops. Thanks for your time Neleigh!



1. We'll start with recruiting. You recently picked up a Division 1 offer from Coach Falco and Lindenwood. First, how is your recruiting going overall in your opinion and secondly, what are some of the characteristics you will be seeking in not only a basketball program, but in your education more importantly?

Overall my recruiting process has been great. I've had a great experience getting to know all the coaches from different colleges and getting to know about the programs. Something that I will want to seek educational wise is programs having a variety of majors I would enjoy to choose from.


2. You are one of the top Sophomores in Nebraska. In fact, you play up an age level with ETG Midwest Elite at the 2024 level. What were some of your favorite events and memories from this past season, and what are some of the skills you feel you improved in that you will carry into this High School season?

Some of my favorite memories from this summer were getting to travel around the country to play basketball with my teammates and even making it into the national championship, that was one of the best things I've experienced. I feel something I've improved over the summer was defense, and with that, it will help my team become more successful by me being able to guard older and bigger players or even guards. 


3. As a Freshman you led Millard West in scoring. As a Sophomore, what are your personal goals for the season, and what will the team need to accomplish to take themselves to the highest levels as a program?

Some of my personal goals for this season is to improve even more on my defense. Another goal for me is to have a motor in every second of the game and never stop being active while on the court. Some goals for our team that would take us to the next level would be, sharing the ball and overall having trust in everyone on the team. Also working hard on defense because it will translate into offense.


4. You play both club basketball and high school basketball with your sister Norah. What are some of the advantages to playing with someone so close to you and are there ever any difficulties, like if one sister has a good game and the other struggles a bit?

Having someone so close to play with is great. Getting to play with Norah is very effective because I always know where she is at on the court and our chemistry helps us play successfully together. 


5. I like to have young players do some self-analysis. What do you feel are your biggest attributes to your team, which can include intangibles skills as well as basketball ones, and what is one part of your game that you are working on right now that you hope will become another strength down the road?

I think some of my best skills would definitely be shooting. Something I would like to work on, is being able to use my length and size to take advantage of smaller players and even be able to work down low.


Quick Hitters:

1. Quickest player you've ever had to guard: Kennadi Williams

2. Favorite Social Media: Twitter

3. Would you ever skydive: For sure

4. Favorite coach you've ever had: Coach Prince

5. Go-to hype song: Run this Town

6. Favorite spot to shoot from: Left of the key

7. Favorite Color: Blue

8. Name of favorite High School play: Cowboy

9. Favorite Singer or Band: Cody Johnson/Morgan Wallen

10. Most Annoying Celebrity: Jake Paul

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