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Five Questions/Quick Hitters: Hannah Leverson

10/08/2022, 7:15am CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions & Quick Hitters is with Hannah Leverson, a talented 2024 out of Sisseton High School in South Dakota, who plays club hoops with SD Attack. Thanks for your time Hannah!


1. As you head further into your Junior year of High School, what will be some of the deciding factors on where you choose to attend college and what you are looking to find in a basketball program?

When looking at schools the first thing I check is to see if they have the major I'm considering which is physical therapy or related fields. Otherwise, I'm open to all options in regard to distance or size. For the basketball program a huge factor would be culture. I think it's important to have a culture where teammates are willing to work together. When a team buys into a programs team missions and goals that's when success occurs. 


2. You're coming off a successful season at Sisseton in 2021-22. What are some of your individual goals as well as team goals as you try to make an even deeper post-season run in 2022-23?

One of the main individual goals that I have for myself is to have more consistency with all aspects of my game whether that be scoring, assists, or even steals. Another individual goal is to take on more of a leadership role with our team captains graduating last year. My last individual goal/ milestone is to hit my 1,000 points this year. Our team goals are to make a longer post season run to make state and hopefully have some success there. Another goal is to improve upon our weaknesses we had last year for example reducing our fouls and increasing our rebounds per game.


3. Last club season you were with SD Attack, who will now be merging with Sanford Power Basketball Academy. What were some of your favorite memories from the most recent season, and have you made your decision on club hoops for 2023 yet?

Off the court my favorite memories were spending time with my team along with the other attack teams. For example, we had gone on a boat tour in Chicago which was very fun. Another fun memory off the court was when a few of us players and a couple coaches played a game in the lobby of the hotel, and we were laughing so much that we got told to quiet down by a hotel employee. My favorite on the court memories is playing against really great teams and players. I loved the high-level competition and fast pace of the games. On and off the court I made a lot of really great friends. 


4. I noticed in your Twitter Bio that you also carry a 4.0 GPA, how important is education to you, and what type of career field are you looking to possibly go into out of college?

As I stated before, I am interested in physical therapy and or athletic training. I find this field interesting because I have gone through some physical therapy myself and so have my siblings. I've seen and learned how difficult it can be to come back from an injury. I feel like this is a way I can contribute to helping others. I also have a great physical therapist that is inspiring to me. I feel like anything in the medical field is going to be a challenge. I believe that having a good educational foundation will help me succeed in my college education along with my career. I like to do well in school and in sports, and to do well you have to be willing to work for it. 


5. As schools take a look at you on the court, they will try to study your basketball strengths, both on and off the court. What do you view as your greatest assets in those areas, and what area of your game are you currently developing with the intention of turning it into your next area of strength?

On the court my greatest strengths are what I feel a point guard should have. These strengths include my court awareness, ball handling, passing, and shooting. Another on the court strength is my size. The size of my determination and work ethic. Off the court my greatest strengths are I am respectful and encouraging to others. I am also very supportive of my fellow athletes and schoolmates. Areas that I am working on now are finishing, change of speed/direction, and defensive quickness. I am also working on being more consistent all around. I have an awesome trainer and coach who have been working with me to improve my weaknesses.


Quick Hitters:

1. Favorite visiting High School gym to play at: Lisbon, ND

2. Favorite place you've ever traveled for a basketball game or event: Chicago

3. Favorite Actor or Actress: Adam Sandler

4. Cold weather or hot weather: Cold weather

5. Last thing you lost: An Airpod

6. Last Google search: Vikings schedule

7. Favorite book: Bible

8. Favorite Ice Cream flavor: Chocolate

9. The beach or the mountains: The Mountains

10. Who do you text the most: My Mother

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