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Five Questions/Quick Hitters: Nyaluak Dak

10/08/2022, 6:15am CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions & Quick Hitters is with Nyaluak Dak, a top post prospect in Nebraska in the 2024 class. Nyaluak plays High School hoops at Lincoln Southeast and club hoops with Nebraska Supreme. Thanks for your time Nyaluak!


1) You recently picked up your first offer, from Arkansas State, congrats on the offer! As you take a look at different potential colleges, what are you most interested in both as a student and a basketball player at your future school?

What I’m looking for in a college is just the feeling of being at home and the environment. Having that great relationship and bond with the coaches is my biggest thing. Me personally I think a coach getting to know their player off the court helps build that trust on the court. And just the team having that relationship and bond that’s unbreakable. As a student I’m most interested in a school that’s also welcoming and humbled. Again just that home feeling and not having to worry about anything. 


2) As you enter your Junior season at Lincoln Southeast what are some of your individual goals for building on your game, and what are some of your team goals to build off last year with nearly everyone returning?

One of my biggest goals this year is to just be there for my teammates. Not to only play my role but to take that big step to help lead and support my teammates to winning games as a team. One of our team goals is being consistent. Bringing that consistent energy and effort to games, practices, workouts, etc. Without consistency and effort there won’t be much progress. 


3) With the recruiting momentum you're starting to see off of last years club season, what were some of your favorite events and memories from this spring and summer with Nebraska Supreme, and what are some things you feel you developed over the club season you can now bring to your game with Lincoln Southeast?

I would honestly have to say some of the best memories are always made on the road traveling with my teammates. Late night drives or just dinners at the end of the day after long tiring games. One of my favorite events was a tournament we played in Iowa this summer. Watching some pretty solid EYBL teams with the stands filed and college coaches surrounding the court. It had felt like the whole gym was watching that game. Some things I feel like I get better at during the summer is running the floor and being able to move more quicker, making myself more of a threat. For example working on my footwork during the summer carries on into the school season. 


4) At 6'2" you are able to control the paint on both ends of the floor, but you've also shown the ability to play offensively facing the basket and having range on your jumper. Do you prefer playing on the block or the perimeter facing the basket on offense, and what is 1 thing you're currently spending time developing on your interior game, and 1 thing you're developing from the perimeter?

Me personally I prefer to play on the block. It feels a lot easier to make myself more available for my teammates with the height advantage down low. And being able to grab rebounds and for the put backs. One of my biggest things I’m constantly working on in the offseason is my foot work, just continuing to move my feet when I have that good positioning when posting making it harder for my opponent to guard. One other thing I’m developing on for my outside game is definitely my midrange and just being able to make shots on the perimeter. 


5) When you have time away from the court, what are some of your favorite leisure time activities?

When I have time away from the court I like to spend it with my friends and family. Going out to watch movies, or just hanging out. 


Quick Hitters:

1) Favorite city you've traveled to for a basketball game or event: Indianapolis

2) Toughest post you've had to defend: Doneelah Washington

3) Favorite visiting High School gym to play at: Lincoln High - fans go all out for games!

4) Best passer you've ever played with: Kara Stricklin

5) Favorite singer or band: Lil Baby

6) Dream job: Clinical Sports psychologist

7) Favorite color: hot pink or baby blue

8) Snow, Rain, or Neither: neither

9) Would you sky dive: honestly don't know

10) Favorite professional athlete: Kobe Bryant

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