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Five Questions/Quick Hitters: Layna Petersen

10/07/2022, 2:00am CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions and Quick Hitters is with 2026 Post prospect Layna Petersen of Xavier High School (WI) and Wisconsin Playmakers Thrive 2026. Thanks for your time Layna!

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1. Congratulations on an outstanding season with Wisconsin Playmakers Thrive, one of the top 2026 teams in the region. What were some of these past spring and summer highlights for you, and what are some of your club goals for 2023?

WE > Me. Seeing two of my best friends/teammates getting D1 offers was a highlight! I’m very proud of them and all the work they’ve put in and how humble they are. Our win vs. North Tartan at Nike TOC will always be an incredible memory! My club goals for 2023 are increasing my vertical, getting college looks, and upping my offensive performance. I also want to work on being a better hype-woman for my teammates.


2. You are an incoming Freshman at Xavier this season. What are some of your goals for the 2022-23 season as an individual and within the program?

For the program at Xavier, I would love to help the younger players to fall in love with basketball the way I did when I was young. I also want to contribute to making the program better in any way that I can. My individual goals are improving my skill set on the court, conditioning, and managing a solid GPA.


3. There aren't a lot of what most consider "traditional posts" anymore, players who can work off the low block offensively and protect the basket defensively. Who are some of the players you try to model your game after, and are you more comfortable with your back to the basket or facing the basket when you receive a pass and are looking to attack?

I try to model my game after Audi Crooks & Megan Gustafson. My back is usually to the basket while posting up, so I have more experience catching a pass and attacking the basket that way. 


4. Playing in two successful programs, along with your height, will lead to many opportunities down the road. Who are some of the family/coaches/friends you will talk to the most regarding recruiting?

First and foremost, my parents. They have sacrificed so much for me and have been my number one supporters, and I trust them. Coach BJ Buss has built me into the player I am today and has been coaching me since I was eight and coached me on five different teams! I am so grateful for him and everything he is done for me, and I trust him completely and know he will point me in the right direction with recruiters and wants what is best for me. He’s my second dad. Coach Ketterhagen is also someone I respect because he has taught me about post-specific things and helped me believe in myself, and I value his opinion. Ady & Riley Ketterhagen already have college offers and experience talking with coaches, so it has been nice talking with them about the process. 


5. What are the most significant strengths in your game right now, including intangibles, and what area of your game are you spending time developing currently in hopes of turning it into another strength?

I’d have to say my intangibles are my mental toughness at times. Posts battle hard in the paint, maintain the correct angle while getting throttled, catch elbows in the ribs and sternum, and don’t always get the glory. But that’s okay because I’m willing to do anything for my team! Currently, I’m working on strengthening my reaction speed and footwork in the paint.


Quick Hitters:

1. Favorite (not home court) gym you've ever played in: The Nike TOC Courts at McCormick Place!

2. Dream vacation: Saint Martin

3. Favorite Disney character: Olaf

4. Favorite Class: Architecture & Interior Design

5. Toughest Class: Honors Lab Science

6. Cats or Dogs: Dogs

7. Last Google Search: Apple pie recipes

8. Most annoying celebrity: DJ Khaled

9. Toughest opposing post you've had to defend: A post player from Maryland. I look forward to beating her team again.

10. Favorite zoo animal: Penguins

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