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Five Questions/Quick Hitters: Daviney Dreckman

10/06/2022, 3:15pm CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions and Quick Hitters is with Daviney Dreckman. Daviney is a tough as nails Point Guard in the 2024 class out of New Ulm High School (MN) who plays club hoops with Minnesota Rise. Thanks for your time Daviney!


1. This weekend you will be attending the Prep Girls Hoops Minnesota Top 250 Expo at Minnetonka. What are you looking forward to at the event, and have you had the chance to attend other camps or basketball events over the summer or early fall?

This weekend I am looking forward to just playing my game with some new girls while hopefully gaining some exposure at the same time. Over the summer, I stayed busy playing AAU ball while also attending some other camps/invite leagues. I went to MSU Moorhead's camp this past July and I really enjoyed that. I also attended MSU Mankato's camp and had an absolute blast there as well. MN Rise also put on a fall invite league where you were able to play with some new girls, get some reps in, and also gain some exposure. 


2. You recently had a visit at Gustavus. What are some of the qualities you value in a school both academically and in terms of basketball as well?

A couple weeks ago I did go on a visit at Gustavus and liked it a lot. Everyone was super friendly and was able to answer any questions my family or I had. After high school I look forward to going into nursing and Gustavus not only has that degree but they have it set up so nicely making it a cool environment to learn in. As far as the basketball side of the visit, it felt super homey. I got to meet some of the girls that play for them and they all just seemed super close and that is definitely something that I will be continuing to look for in teams as I continue to go on other visits. 


3. New Ulm is coming off a .500 season in 2021-22, but returns a large part of their core of players. As one of the leaders on the team, what do you feel your team will need to do this winter to take the next step into Section contention, and what are some of your personal goals for your Junior year?

Going into this school ball season, we all know each other and how we play. We are returning a lot of our key players from last year setting us up to have a big season. As a team, we just need to continue to work together. When we do that and get into a groove, we will defiantly be an unstoppable team. Personally, I stride to be a leader on and off the court for my teammates and also being their hype man! 


4. You and your Minnesota Rise teammates had many strong showing during the spring and summer. What were some of your favorite tournaments you played in, and what are some areas of your game you feel you saw growth over the club season?

Meltdown and AAU State were for sure 2 of my favorite tournaments this past summer. In both of these tournaments we had went up against some really big/good teams and we held with them all. One of my favorite games was when we went into overtime against the top North Tartan team and only lost by 6. An area that I think I had improved on over the summer was my ability to shoot from around the arc. 


5. I noticed you have scripture (Psalm 46:5) on your Twitter bio. What role does your faith play in your life?

After I tore my ACL, I had to really believe that everything happens for a reason. Psalm 46:5 is the one verse I really decided to focus on "God is within her, she will not fall." Whenever I read that, it had reminded me that even though I couldn't play basketball at that moment that there was something bigger and brighter waiting for me. With God standing by my side, I could not fall or fail. 


Quick Hitters:

1.Favorite Holiday: 4th of July

2.Hidden talent: I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue

3.Biggest phobia: Being in small spaces

4.Favorite visiting High School gym to play at: St. Peter or Hutchinson

5.Toughest class: College Government or College Algebra

6.Favorite Actor or Actress: Kevin Hart

7.Rain, Snow, or Neither: Snow as long as it's not freezing outside

8. Name of favorite play you run in High School: Purple

9.Favorite Movie: The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

10.Dream Vacation: To stay in a bungalow that's in the ocean

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