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Five Questions/Quick Hitters: Addi Mack

10/06/2022, 2:00pm CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions & Quick Hitters is with Addi Mack, one of the top 2025s in the Midwest. Addi plays at Minnehaha Academy High School (MN) and with Minnesota Fury 2025 UAA. Thanks for your time Addi!


 1. You had a tremendous spring and summer with Minnesota Fury 2025 UAA, including picking up Prep Girls Hoops 2025 MVP. What does being selected for that award mean, and what were some of your favorite memories, on or off the court, from this past season with Fury?

It was an honor to be recognized as the 2025 AAU MVP.  I am very appreciative that Prep Girls Hoops and others in the basketball community noticed my leadership and production on the floor throughout the summer. It is satisfying to receive recognition after putting the hours in the gym that I do.  I was fortunate to play with a new club, the Minnesota Fury, and a great bunch of teammates.  The 2025 class is a very competitive and strong overall class, so being named MVP is a privilege.


The Fury was a fantastic experience and my transition to this program couldn’t have been better.  I loved the whole experience of the Under Armour Circuit and getting to play with the group of girls that I did. The entire program was very supportive and I have really enjoyed getting to build the friendships that I have.  The Fury is very competitive, but also like a family too.  


2. Although you're only a Sophomore at Minnehaha Academy, you're a very decorated player and highly recruited. What are some of the things you're seeking in a school both academically and for basketball, and who are some of the people you rely on for help in the recruiting process.

First, a big thing for me at the college level is the culture of the program. I want to feel at home not only with the coaches, but also with the players. I think that finding a school that will push me to not only be the best I can be on the basketball court but also off the court, in the classroom and in life in general is very important. It needs to be the right fit.  Second, I am also focusing on strong academic schools where I can pursue either a major in Business or Journalism. 


On a personal level, I’m thankful that I have a strong support system around me, including my parents, my trainer, the Fury’s Nick Storm and Tim Ellefson (our coach), and of course my high school coach Matt Pryor. There are many people that I did not list but I would say those are my main people that have given me lots of insight and support at this stage.  Each of these individuals hold me accountable to be the best athlete and leader that I can be.   


3. Last season you went 26-6 at Minnehaha and finished 3rd in the Class AA State Tournament. What have you set for some of your individual and team goals for this coming season?

There is nothing like making it to the state tournament and getting the opportunity to play at Williams Arena. Although last year didn’t end the way we wanted it to, I think we will use it as motivation for this upcoming season. Obviously, our overall team goals are to win our section and a state championship, but there are many smaller goals that we will have to accomplish along the way to achieve those milestones. 


In prior years I was one of the youngest players on the court. Now, I’m likely more experienced than most players, even though I’m only a 15 year-old sophomore. I would say some individual goals for me are to take an even larger leadership role and take my game to the next level by getting better in every aspect of the game.  I’ve been fortunate to accomplish a fair bit in my three years of varsity play, but I’m still growing as a person and basketball player and have a lot more to accomplish in the future to meet my personal goals. I am very fortunate to have a coach like Coach Pryor.  It has been great getting to build the relationship and trust between us to maximize the production we are putting on the floor.  


4. As a player who has really elevated her game and many younger players want to emulate, what would a typical basketball workout look like for you?

You need to love the game and have a passion for it.  It needs to be fun and not a grind.  Challenging yourself to do things that you never thought you could or should be doing.  And, of course, there is no substitute for being in the gym. I think that in order to be successful you need to be consistent, work smartly on things that will make a difference in your game, and take advantage of the opportunities that are given to you. I’m a big believer in preparing as much mentally as I do physically for my basketball workouts/games.  I try to get in the gym on a very consistent basis, and work on all aspects of my game, whether it be passing, dribbling, defense or shooting. I do lots of situational stuff and prepare for certain offensive and defensive sets. A big point of significance for me is setting high standards for myself. I set high goals, get after them and am in control of the effort I put into each workout that allows me the opportunity to achieve the goals. 


5. When you get some time away from the court, what are some of your favorite leisure time activities?

I love to spend time outside. In the summer, I try to play lots of golf and I also swim every day that I can. I think that golf, swimming and basketball all complement each other really well. Strategy and mental strength is important in golf and swimming. I also enjoy spending time with my family and my friends. I’m a major sports fan in general.  In the fall, I watch tons of college and NFL football and obviously spend a lot of time watching men’s and women’s basketball and the NBA in the winter/spring. 


Quick Hitters:

1. Toughest player you've had to defend: Liv McGill; she’s a handful

2. Favorite visiting High School gym to play in: Any gym with lots of people.

3. Dream job: CEO or business owner

4. Favorite teacher: Mr. Zimmer my Bible teacher

5. Go-to snack: Goldfish

6. Favorite Netflix series: Grey’s Anatomy

7. Favorite Zoo Animal: Tiger

8. Favorite city you've traveled to for basketball: Chicago

9. Biggest phobia: Spiders

10. Last Google search: Vikings Schedule 

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