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Five Questions/Quick Hitters: Sawyer Stoebner

10/04/2022, 4:15pm CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions & Quick Hitters is with 2024 Sawyer Stoebner of Mitchell High School (SD) who played club hoops with SD Attack 2024. Sawyer is regarded as one of the top 2024's in South Dakota. Thanks for your time Sawyer!


1. We'll start with one that some players say is a tougher question. When you take a look at your own game, what do you see as your biggest areas of strength, and what is one thing you are working at to turn it into your next area of strength as a player?

I think as a player my biggest strength is definitely rebounding. One area I have been really working on is my outside shooting, I really think if I strengthen that part of my game I can be more versatile. 


2. You are regarded as one of the top 2024s in South Dakota. As you are in the process of recruiting, what are some of the absolute must-haves that you'll be looking for in a school and the must-haves in a basketball program as you consider your options?

I think a must-have a school would have to have is a good program for the area of study I would like to go into, along with not being crazy far from home. I think as far as must-haves for the basketball teams goes, just a good group of teammates.


3. Your Sophomore season at Mitchell ended with a tough loss to Sioux Falls Lincoln in the Class AA SoDak 16. What are some areas of your game you have worked hard to make stronger for this coming season, and what are some of your team goals this year for the Kernels?

My goals for myself is to be better under pressure and in tough situations. When the going gets tough the tough get going type of thing. With my team a goal I have is to get to state. I also hope that we keep our family feel and have trust in our new coach. 


4. This past club season you were with one of my favorite teams, SD Attack 2024. What were some of your fondest memories from this most recent season with your teammates, and what were some of your favorite destinations for tournaments you played in?

Chicago is always a fun tournament. My fondest memory was probably riding around on scooters with one of my teammates around Chicago. Or going to the Navy Pier with all my teammates. 


5. South Dakota has some classic gyms, and with SD Attack you've had the chance to travel to plenty of courts for varying events. If you had to list some of your favorite courts, whether through High School or Club hoops, what have been some of your personal favorites, and what makes some of them so memorable?

I personally really like the Corn Palace court. It's the home court for Kernel basketball and I think it's not too big but not too small. I also like O'Gorman's court and SF Jefferson because it gives that same feel and gets really loud. Shakopee High School is probably my favorite place to play for club. The Shakopee High School is massive, I think that's why it is so memorable. 


Quick Hitters:

1. Quickest player you've ever had to guard: Katie Vasecka or Mahli Abdouch

2. Favorite visiting High School gym to play at: SF O'Gorman

3. Favorite Social Media: Tik Tok

4. Favorite Class: Advanced Bio or Math

5. Rain, Snow or Neither: Rain all the way

6. Favorite coach you've ever had: Cole Knippling or Jaime Neuendorf

7. Favorite Zoo Animal: Red Panda

8. Dream Job: Forensic scientist/Criminal law officer

9. Would you ever skydive: Yes

10. Last Google search: How to spell shackopea

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