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Five Questions/Quick Hitters: Brooklynn Felchle

10/04/2022, 3:00pm CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions & Quick Hitters is with one of the top post prospects in the Class of 2025 from North Dakota, Brooklynn Felchle. Brooklynn plays at Bismarck Legacy High School and club hoops with Bearstail Basketball. Thanks for your time Brooklynn!


1. You're a multi-sport athlete, in fact, you're in the midst of your volleyball season. Before we get to hoops, how is the volleyball season going at Legacy and what are some of your goals as you head towards the post-season?

This year's volleyball season at Legacy High School is turning into one of our program's best ongoing seasons. Our team includes an incredible group of girls; we're all focused on extending our season to WDA onward into the state. Before looking towards WDA, our team is preparing for some big season games. Some of which include Jamestown, followed by BHS, and closing the season against the powerhouse Century. Personally, my goal is to continue to compete alongside my teammates to prepare them for these big games. 


2. Last season Bismarck Legacy reached the State Tournament before getting knocked out by Fargo Davies in the quarterfinals. As you head into the 2022-23 season, what are your team goals, and what are some of things you're hoping to showcase in your own play during the year?

Our upcoming basketball season has potential here in the West Region. We will have the opportunity to make a statement against some of this year's big upcoming teams like Century and Minot. Legacy is a relatively new school, and for the past seven years, our team has made it to State every year with Petrik. Our culture represents the grit and unrelenting nature of the Legacy program, and these on-court expectations will help bring us to State this year. This upcoming season I'll be stepping into a new role on the team because we will be losing our Senior post from the previous season. This season will better allow me to showcase what I'm capable of in the interior, along with more mid-range and maybe even a bit of perimeter work. 


3. You have garnered a lot of interest from college coaches on the recruiting front. Although you still have plenty of time, what are some of the things you will do to get a better gauge of what you're looking for in a school? Visits? Attend games? Team Camps?

When I look into colleges, the very first thing I tend to look into is the school courses offered. Honestly, I have a pretty good idea of what I want in my future, including robotic or aerospace engineering. After academics, another factor I tend to look into is the culture of a program. It tends to be one of my first questions when learning about a program because knowing a team's culture allows me to understand the program. Attending a school's team camps also has been a beneficial way for me to gauge my interests in these schools. 


4. You play for a smaller club program in Bearstail. What are some of the benefits in your personal development and growth you have found in playing for Bearstail, and what are some things you're looking forward to in the 2023 club season?

I've been playing for Bearstail for three seasons, alongside girls from here in my hometown. Around half of the people on my team go to school with me at Legacy. Because of this, Bearstail has allowed our chemistry to grow on the court, hopefully transferring into the school season. Another benefit of having the program in Bismarck has been being close with the coach allowing me to feel comfortable with him so I could feel comfortable on the court. One of my big things is respect; for me, it's earned, not given. The past three years with Doug have allowed me to understand how much a coach sacrifices for his players. We're like family, and he's taught me to become a better player, in turn allowing me to grow into a better person.


5. Often players who can work from the interior have double-duty, in that they also do the same drills & training as perimeter players. What are some of your favorite things to work on from the interior, and what drills for perimeter players are you most focused on in your player development?

Being an inside player, you are almost left to fend for yourself, and yes, I know that sounds harsh, but you are the player who often needs to get down and dirty. It's why I absolutely love playing this position. Posts could almost be considered the clean-up crew, and that's why my coaches and I have focused on finishing around the rim and rebounding. We've focused on individual post moves including hook shots, a drop step, and a reverse pivot on the baseline. Basketball has been evolving into perimeter play even for being a post, you still need to be conformable with the ball on the perimeter. That's why I've been working on a quick catch-and-shoot, along with being able to drive into the lane.


Quick Hitters:

1. Name of favorite High School play: Horns

2. Most annoying celebrity: Andrew Tate

3. Favorite color: Light Blue

4. Favor singer or band: Sam Hunt

5. Favorite Disney character: Wall-E

6. Favorite spot to shoot from: 15 ft. Baseline Jump

7. Favorite Netflix series: Criminal Minds

8. Favorite Zoo Animal: Penguins

9. Toughest class: AP Biology

10. Favorite professional sports team: Vikings

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