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Five Questions/Quick Hitters: Reid Ouse

10/04/2022, 9:00am CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions & Quick Hitters is with Reid Ouse, one of the top trainers in basketball, who has worked with players of varying skill levels, up to, and including, professionals. Thanks so much for your time Reid!


1. You've had the chance to work with many professional basketball players on both the Men's and Women's side of hoops. What do you feel are some of the skills players can focus on & develop to help separate themselves from other players with similar builds and athleticism?

Shooting is primary. If you can shoot the basketball, you can play. I have seen unathletic players play at high level and help lead their teams to championships because of their ability to shoot the basketball. Secondly, it is important to be able to finish outside of your frame. NBA players shoot between 27-29% when they are contested at the block. It’s difficult to finish around the block. If you can become an outlier at that, you have a chance.


2. You see players all day, every day. What do you feel is the most underdeveloped skill among today's players, and what are some of the first things players can do to begin addressing it?

Your footwork unlocks every aspect of your game. I don’t think most players have complete control of their feet, and that limits them. The first thing you can do to start working on that is to understand the purpose behind it. If I need to create space in front of me, I need to stop quickly. If I cant stop quickly, I won’t create space. Understanding the purpose behind that will help you work through it and improve.


3. If a player wants to work with you and start trying to build their game further, what is the best way to get in contact with and get set up for training?

Everything is available through our website - or our Catalyst Training app that is available on the App Store. 


4. You work at a lot of team camps, what were some you worked at recently, and what advantages does bringing in a trainer, and a new voice to learn from, offer today's young players?

Right now we are working with over 25 HS programs around the Twin Cities Metro area. During the Summer months we travelled all over the Midwest and worked with close to 30 programs. We work alongside the coaching staffs with each program to develop a plan of attack so that we can work to implement some of the same concepts that they will go over as a program. I think it is always good for players to learn from different people, so I think coming in for a few days or working with a program in the Fall gives the players a little more energy working with someone new.


5. You also have a lot of options for Coaches learning. As a former College Coach yourself, what are some of the options you provide for Coaches to continue their learning?

I have quite a few educational programs available for coaches. They are listed on my website here:


Quick Hitters:

1.Most SKILLED player you've ever worked with: Anthony Tucker

2.Common myth about today's players this is 100% false: Pro players are different that other athletes. Pro players are just like regular players. They have good and bad days. They have days where they don't want to be in the gym. The difference is that they show up regardless of how they feel.

3.Toughest player you ever coached against: Tyus Jones

4.Name of favorite drill you run: Depends on the group/day

5.Where are you traveling next for training: Eagan and Rosemount

6.Favorite Social Media: I love DJ Sackmann’s #HoopStudy 

7.Favorite gym you've coached or played in: St Thomas

8.Favorite place away from the gym: my living room with my wife and twin boys

9.Dream vacation: Punta Cana

10.Favorite Sports Movie: Remember The Titans

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