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Five Questions/Quick Hitters: Avery Blue

10/03/2022, 3:15pm CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions & Quick Hitters is with Avery Blue, a highly regarded 2026 out of Vel Phillips Memorial High School (WI), who plays club hoops with Wisconsin Flight Elite 2026 Nike. Thanks for your time Avery!


1. Over the summer you had the chance to work with Division I coaches at camps. What were some of the things you learned, not only about working on your game, but also areas they talked about when off the court?

While working with Division l coaches at camps this summer I learned that being a point guard you need to be a big role model and leader for your team. Defensively, It’s important to be able to pressure the ball full court. Offensive, it’s important to get to know your teammates; know what they are good at for certain situations during the game. Time, rest, and recovery off the court plays just as big of a role.


2. Now that you're finally able to play at the High School level as a Freshman, what are some of your individual and team goals at Madison Memorial for the upcoming 2022-23 season?

Some goals I have for myself this season is to get stronger, be a leader for my team, and use the things I do best to help my team win. I think we are a very unselfish aggressive team, our goal is to win a state championship this season.


3. You do an outstanding job utilizing Social Media to market your game. What Social Media's do you use, and what are some of the ways you use them to reach out to college coaches who may already know you, and to those who haven't seen you play yet?

I use Instagram and twitter to share my skills and develop. I don’t reach out to college coaches, but I do think it’s a good way for them to get to see you and your development overtime as a player.


4. As you begin to dive deeper into your recruiting path, what are some of the items you consider important in both an academic and athletic program for your future?

I want to go somewhere that believes in me and my abilities. As well as somewhere with a good environment where we all support each other, lift each other up, and work hard together everyday. Academically I am interested in psychology right now but just a strong academic school in general.


5. With Wisconsin Flight Elite, you get the opportunity to play in some great tournaments. What were some of your favorite events from this past season, and what are you looking forward to next season with Flight Elite?

Playing with flight was a great experience this past season and got to go to some places I have never been before! I loved going to all the Nike EYBL tournaments especially Chicago for Nike Nationals. Going to other tournaments like EYBL session 1 in Virginia, Run 4 Roses in Kentucky, and Summer Jam in Minnesota, had really good competition. It was great getting to travel the country with my teammates and be with them on and off the court! I am excited to be at the next level next year with Flight Elite. As well as play really good competition again and compete at a high level playing with other high level players


Quick Hitters:

1. Favorite gym you've played in: McCormick Place in Chicago for Nike Nationals

2. You shoot 10 free throws, how many are you making: 10

3. Game day go-to snack: String cheese and granola bar

4. Favorite Social Media: Instagram

5. Favorite sports movie: Coach Carter

6. Favorite Disney character: I don't have one

7. Funniest teammate: Makayla Blackamore

8. Dream job: Counseling Psychologist 

9. Favorite season: Summer

10. Favorite teacher: Mrs. Costello

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