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Five Questions/Quick Hitters: Hayden Korus

10/02/2022, 10:15am CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions is with Hayden Korus, a talented multi-sport athlete out of Millard South High School (NE). Thanks for your time Hayden!


1. You are an accomplished multi-sport athlete, what do you see as some of the main benefits to being involved in High School and Club athletics nearly year round, and how do the sports work together to make you more well-rounded?

I play soccer and basketball and some benefits from playing both year around are, making new friendships/teammates. Getting that bond with a sport is one of the best things while playing sports. Playing two sports helps me see certain things. Both sports keep me in shape and healthy. Both sports work together to make me well-rounded by using my quickness/ fastness in soccer and I can put that into basketball also. There are a bunch of skills I use for both sports. Millard South also has a really strong senior class and I would love to help them and get better by practicing with them.


2. As you enter your Freshman season of basketball at Millard South, what are some of your goals and expectations for the 2022-23 season?

As I enter into basketball season at Millard South some of my goals are to make JV and maybe swing up to Varsity. I hope to one day get up on Varsity and start. I will work hard and focus on making myself a better player. 


3. Eventually as you get closer to college, you most likely will have to focus on one sport. Have you decided which sport you will pursue in college yet, and what are some of the things you will seek out in a school for academics and an athletic program?

As I'm getting closer to college I truly don't know what sport I want to pursue. It will depend on what my future is in high school sports and if I get any scholarships. I'm going to work hard in both sports and see where it leads me to. In academics, I want to go to school to work in the medical field or some type of physical therapist or trainer. I haven't really decided on any of them yet. 


4. In recruiting it often helps to have family, friends, or coaches who have been through the process. As you dive deeper into your recruiting journey, who do you think are some of the people you will lean on for advice in how to handle the process?

While recruiting comes I will have friends and family to help me through all of it. A couple of people I look up to for help and advice are, my grandpa, he is one of my biggest fans and gives me advice after every game. He checks up on me and is always there for me! More people are my parents. They both went to college my dad played college basketball and my mom played college soccer. They also help me learn new things and give advice to me. My dad was once my coach and helped me become the player I am today! Another person is my club coach Steffon Bradford, he is currently helping me become a better player. He's helping me love basketball. He taught me that I can't just play for myself but I have to play for my teammates. He cares a lot about my future basketball career and is helping me get to the next level. I also want to say my LES girl's team is one of my biggest supporters. The girls on my team are like family to me and they motivate me when I'm having a bad game. They help me see who I am as a player.


5. What are three reasons you like being part of a team sport?

3 reasons I like being part of a team sport are 1. The teammates and friendships I've made. 2. Learning new skills 3. Having people to help you through the game.


Quick Hitters:

1. Favorite visiting High School gym to play in: I haven't played any sport for high school yet but for the club, I liked playing at the Field House in Iowa

2. Favorite visiting High School soccer field to play at: I love playing on turf at tranquility

3. Go-to game day snack: My go-to game day snack is probably a bar and a banana or an orange

4. Favorite Movie: My favorite movie is Purple Hearts

5. Favorite book: My favorite book is the summer I turned pretty.

6. Favorite Disney character: My favorite Disney character is probably stitch

7. Dream job: Dream job is something in the medical field

8. Biggest phobia: Biggest phobia is clowns or birds

9. Favorite class: Favorite class- switches between math, biology, athletic training 

10. Toughest class: Toughest class is Biology

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