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Five Questions/Quick Hitters: Isa Griefenhagen

09/30/2022, 4:30pm CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions & Quick Hitters is with Isa Griefenhagen, a talented youngster in the 2027 class who will play High School hoops at powerhouse Minnehaha Academy and club hoops with Legacy Hoops Academy. Thanks for your time Isa!


1. You had the opportunity to attend some Showcases following the end of the club season. Which ones did you attend, and what were some of the takeaways you learned from each of them?

I was lucky enough to receive a few invites this year. The Southwest Showcase (TX), Cream of the Crop (NC) and the Jr All Star Summer Showcase. At the Jr All Star Summer Showcase, it is always a great time with top notch athletes. The take away for me is that you show up to play, play to your strengths, and always have fun. Eric does a wonderful job making sure we are put in positions to be challenged, showcase our talents, and have fun along the way. 


2. At Minnehaha Academy, a lot of young players make big contributions early in their career. What are some of the things you'd like to be a part of in your career, and in the short term, what are your goals for the 2022-23 season?

I am new to Minnehaha this year. This will be my first year with the team as an 8th grader. I am coming into an atmosphere and culture of basketball.  It feels awesome. This year my goal is to learn as much as I can from powerhouses like Addi Mack, Angel Hill, and our Senior leader, Aniyah Reuben. This team is stacked, Ava, Amina, Sinea, you can’t just walk on here. You have to earn it. What ever they need from me, whether it be lockdown defense, getting loose balls, or helping on offense, my role this year is support. My endgame is to be a leader here down the line, to be on the floor the final minutes, and shine to the best of my ability. I want to cut down nets. Coach Pryor and Coach Block have done nothing but amplify that I can play a solid role here, and in the short term, my goal is just to contribute to our team success with strength on defense, conditioning, and positivity.


3. For the upcoming club season, you will be joining Legacy Hoops Academy. What are some of the things you're looking forward to the most with the upcoming 2023 club season?

Yes! My first year with Legacy Hoops, I cannot wait. Demondi, before he became my coach, was a mentor. He is really supportive of my game and goals. I am looking forward to being able to flex my muscle a bit more. The girls returning to the team 2023 are incredible. They play a tough schedule, I am excited to map out my path in a challenging environment. 


4. You work with a trainer to help build your game. What would a typical workout look like, and what are some of the areas you're working on to turn into additional strengths at this time?

 I train with Quincy Caldwell (Coach Q Training) and Ben Classen at FSA (Fundamentally Sound Athletics).

With Coach Q it is a combo of high level skills, shooting, followed by strength and conditioning. Four days a week we are in the gym together. It is fast paced, lots of reps, driven by fundamentals that create a base for my game coupled with conditioning after that allows me to put major minutes in without getting tired quickly. Being a physically strong/mentally strong combo guard is important to me, so that I can use that to my advantage on the floor. Typical day we are in the gym right after school for 90 minutes of skill drills, followed by conditioning which could be running the hill, pushing sleds, vertical training, a lot of core work, and circuit training.

Coach Ben (FSA) is pure fundamentals. From footwork, learning the right angles on a drive to accelerate efficiency,  it all ties together. We will isolate skills to work on when I am with FSA, being able to work through something in that setting is focused on the mental aspect as much as the physical. 


5. You do a pretty good job of marketing yourself via Social Media. What Social Media do you use, and what are some of the ways you connect with college coaches who may know you already, or are going to see you and your abilities for the first time?

Anyone seeing my media for the first time would know immediately they will see a lot of basketball! I have only been active on social media this last year or so. I am on Twitter and Instagram. My mom works in media so she gives me great advice. The foremost is always be authentic. Don’t pretend to be something I am not, and just allow people to see who I am genuinely. I have learned that social media can be a great tool to reach the places I want to go and expand my circle. By sharing workouts to show the time being put in but also that is what I enjoy doing, to supporting teammates, to putting my game out there, highlight videos will be new for me this year, tagging those who can help amplify, social media can be used for awesome things as long as I stay true to myself along the way. My mom again talks about organic growth in media, that my game will speak for itself and that always does the job.  I will try to get the attention of a coaches with ensuring I earn a place in the games they are watching. Make sure they know my name when the buzzer rings. I plan to attend a few college camps next year to really branch out. I have gained a couple college coaches in my follows which is super exciting. I hope to build new relationships that might eventually lead to playing college ball after high school which I my ultimate goal.


Quick Hitters:

1. Favorite spot to shoot from: Mid Range Jump Shot

2. Favorite game-day snack: Birthday Cake Protein Bar and Fruit

3. Dream vacation: Hawaii

4. One gym you haven't played in, but really want to: The Barn

5. Rain, snow, or neither: Snow

6. Favorite Netflix series: Stranger Things

7. Favorite Teacher: Fourth Grade, Mrs Abe

8. Favorite professional sports team: Lynx, Sky, Aces, Wolves

9. Biggest phobia: Spiders. Absolutely spiders. 

10. Favorite board game:  Clue

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