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Five Questions/Quick Hitters: Eric Boogaard

09/30/2022, 3:15pm CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions/Quick Hitters is with Eric Boogaard. Eric is a writer & evaluator who covers hoops primarily in Minnesota, but you'll also see his work splash from coast to coast. Thanks for your time Eric!

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1. What got you started with Jr All Star and what drew you to covering the girls side of hoops?

 I have loved women’s/girls’ basketball since 2004 when I first got into basketball. I have been a huge Gopher WBB Fan since then and a season ticket holder for the MN Lynx since 2007.


When JAS approached me about covering the state, I was thrilled as it a was a dream come true. I truly feel MN GBB and WBB has so much talent but is under reported. I wanted to be a part of helping share the stories and help spread the word about the talented players we have in the state and region.


2. You're constantly expanding your role with Jr All Star, and added the And One Podcast. As you've continued to grow with Jr All Star, do you see yourself taking on more of a regional or potentially national coverage with the company?

 I would love to do more national coverage with the company. I have enjoyed getting to see some of the best in the country when I got the opportunity at the Nike of Champions in Chicago this last year or when teams make the trip to MN for AAU events. Although I don’t think I’ll ever stray too far away MN GBB as there is so much to cover and highlight.


3. What are some of the most rewarding things you get to experience in covering girls basketball?

It’s gonna sound cliché but it’s the people. The parents or coaches who reach out to me or come up and talk to me at events is amazing. The players that have recognized me outside of gyms and wave or say hi feels fantastic. People such as Chuck, Mike Peden, Grant and so many others who I have leaned on for advice and had conversation has been extremely helpful. I can talk basketball all day long so finding people to do that with has been one of the best parts!


4. When you're evaluating players, what are some of the skills besides scoring, that players can showcase to get themselves on coaches & evaluators radars?

I’m looking for the little things. That “it” factor of knowing exactly when it’s their time to take over. I always say big time players make big time plays and I look for those moments and what is “rising up” in their game. Also, what is their communication or body language like when there is a bad call, turnover, missed shot etc. Are they trusting teammates or are they showing hesitation in big moments. Kind of look for the players who steal your attention and make it hard to stop watching them because of how their effecting the game.


5. Most of us know you as a "basketball guy" but what are the things you do in your day-to-day life and when you're away from the court?

Probably working haha. I love going to movies (horror movies are my favorite), going out to local restaurants around the state, going to the gym, traveling, or visiting family.


Quick Hitters:

1. Most unique gym atmosphere in Minnesota (High Schools) you've worked from: STMA feels like a college arena.

2. What do you listen to on long trips to games/events: True Crime Podcasts or Music

3. Favorite college women's player: All-Time: Rachel Banham/Current: Aliyah Boston

4. Favoirte WNBA player: Napheesa Collier

5. Go-to food/drink when covering games/events: Skittles

6. Where is your next coverage from: Breakdown tournament

7. Last Google search: “today’s woodle hints”

8. Favorite sports movie: A League of Their Own

9. Favorite female college or pro coach: Cheryl Reeve

10. 2nd favorite sport: Volleyball

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