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Five Questions/Quick Hitters: Cadence Xiong

09/30/2022, 1:00pm CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions & Quick HItters is with Cadence Xiong. Cadence played club this spring & summer with Chapman Basketball Academy and is a Senior at West Bend East High School (WI). The speedy 2023 Point Guard recently committed to UW-Whitewater. Thanks for your time Cadence!


1) You recently made your verbal to attend and play basketball at UW-Whitewater. First, congratulations on your decision, and secondly, what were the deciding factors in deciding to choose Whitewater?

A deciding factor when choosing UW-Whitewater was the winning culture. I really loved the team atmosphere and goals that were set for the team throughout the season and I loved how Coach Carollo built up a winning culture within her program which you can see by all of their accomplishments these past couple of years. I’d love to be a part of a program who has had success and a program who wants to win just as badly as I do and I’d love to experience that with people and players who have the same love for the game as I do as well. Another factor that played into choosing UW-Whitewater is how great the academic aspect of the school is. They really focus on their student-athletes and I loved that most about the school because I am also a student-athlete and I am able to learn with a bunch of other students who are just like me. UW-Whitewater is also a big sports college which is also something that I love as well. 


2) This summer you finished your club career with Chapman Basketball Academy. With some time now to reflect, what were some of your favorite memories over the years of playing club basketball?

 After finishing my club career with Chapman Basketball Academy, some of my favorite memories over the years of playing basketball was winning the Gold Division in the 2022 Run for Roses in Kentucky. It was really close throughout the entire game but we ended up winning the game off of a layup in the last 10 seconds. Another memory that I had over the years of playing was when I used to play with Wisconsin Shooters. One of the years we ended up going to the U.S Open Basketball Championship Tournament in Indiana. We played a bunch of different teams from all over the country and we ended up taking 1st in the Stripes Division. Throughout it all, I think that the best memory that I had made over the years of playing club basketball was being able to meet and play against different players from all over the world and also being able to play with girls where everyone got along and the team atmosphere and chemistry together was fun. It was also fun to be able to play with some of the girls instead of playing against them during high school. 


3) At a little under 13 PPG last season, you led West Bend East in scoring. What are some of your individual and team goals heading into your Senior campaign?

An individual goal of mine is to reach 1,000 points by the end of my senior year and to also average 15 PPG. I also want to be able to help and push my teammates to get better every day as well. A team goal for us going into this season is working our way towards the top of our conference. Another goal for us is to have some of the girls be named top scorers in the conference and to also have some girls end up on all-conference teams.


4) A lot of people overlook players a bit, like yourself, who are on the shorter side. I subscribe to the "either they can play or they can't" camp, and you certainly can play. What are some things you really have to focus on in your game to make sure that height isn't a factor in how you play?

Some things that I have to focus on when playing so that my height doesn’t affect how I play is my IQ and mental toughness. When playing I know that I’m not the tallest player on the court so I have to realize what my strengths are and utilize them to my best advantage. Some strengths that I have on the court are my quickness with the ball, court vision, the way I can handle the ball and my shooting skills. With my quickness and ball handling skills I am able to create more shot opportunities for myself and my teammates. I also have to see the court and know my teammates' tendencies so that if I can’t score the ball, I can give them the best opportunity to score as well.


5) What is the best piece of advice that you ever received during your own personal recruiting process?

The best advice that I’ve received throughout this recruiting process was to never let my height limit or restrict what I can do on and off the court. I was also told to play with confidence and believe in myself and my talents no matter what I can and can’t do because if I really want something I’d work hard and go for it. Lastly, another piece of advice that I received was to always follow my heart and my dreams no matter what anyone else may say because it is ultimately going to be my life and my career. Just go with what feels best for me and what I think will make me happy in the end. 


Quick Hitters:

1) Besides West Bend East, favorite HS gym: Beaver Dam

2) Favorite Book: The Maze Runner

3) Favorite TV Show: One Tree Hill

4) Favorite Season: Summer

5) Favorite Color: Blue

6) Most talented team-mate you've played with: Grace Grocholski

7) Toughest player you've had to guard: Kamorea Arnold

8) Dream Job: Becoming a nurse and helping people

9) Favorite Teacher: Mr. Clark my Human Anatomy teacher

10) Favorite spot to shoot from: Top of the key

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