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Five Questions/Quick Hitters: Ani Leu

09/28/2022, 12:15pm CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions/Quick Hitters is with Ani Leu. Ani is a Freshman at Lincoln North Star High School (NE) & a member of Cornhusker Shooting Stars club basketball. Thanks for your time Ani!


1. You competed this spring and summer with CSS Nebraska. What were some of your favorite memories, either on, or off, the court, as you look back at this past season?

My favorite memories of CSS are doing everything with my team! We travel, stay in hotel rooms and eat together. Way more fun than being with our parents. Ha! I also love to compete and love a really challenging game.


2. You haven't played at the High School level yet, but recruiting starts earlier and earlier. Before you get too deep in the process, have you decided what some of the things you'll be looking for in a school and basketball program?

Not really. My sister is a senior this year and picked a college this summer so I have been learning a little about it through watching her but haven’t decided what I want yet. The only thing I’m sure on is a team that has fun together!


3. You'll be entering your Freshman season at Lincoln North Star High School. What are some of your goals and things you're looking forward to this upcoming season?

I’m looking forward to getting to play in high school to see how it is different from club. I also want to help North Star improve on their record from last year. And of course have some fun too!


4. Besides playing with CSS this spring and summer, what were some of the other opportunities you had to play this summer, whether with your High School team, camps or workouts?

In the spring I was picked to play in an All-Star game for 8th grade girls. They made us introduce ourselves over a microphone to the entire gym. I was nervous! This summer I did a lot with the North Star team. We had summer open gyms, played in a summer league and went to a tournament in Kansas City together. We finished off the weekend in Kansas City with a trip to Worlds of Fun!


5.When you're not on the basketball court, what are some of your favorite free time activities?

Play soccer, hang out with friends, downtime watching TikTok and sleeping!


Quick Hitters:

1. Favorite visiting gym to play at: Nike Tournament of Champions

2. Toughest player you've had to defend: Sammy Leu

3. You shoot 10 free throws, how many are you making: 10

4. Dream Job: No clue!

5. Favorite Professional sports team: I don't watch sports, I just play them!

6. Cats or Dogs: Cats

7. What is your most used emoji:  

8.Favorite book: None, I don't really like reading!

9.Your greatest basketball skill: Driving

10.Funniest teammate: Anna Gak

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