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Five Questions/Quick Hitters: KeaOnna Worley

09/28/2022, 11:15am CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions & Quick Hitters is with KeaOnna Worley, one of the top young talents in the region in the 2027 class, who plays club basketball with Lady Martin Brothers 2025. Thanks for your time KeaOnna!


1.You were recently named one of the Top 100 2027 players in the country. When you see National Rankings come out, and you're included in them, what are some of your thoughts? Do you like to see who else you may play against is ranked? Do you use it to contact college coaches?

When rankings come out, I do like to see them, but I know there is still work to do. It is something that I use for motivation. I look at the list and see a lot of names I recognize and they are all great players. I like to see other girls from the lists at camps and during AAU Tournaments.


2. Unfortunately you aren't able to play High School basketball in Iowa until 9th grade. What are some of your goals for this winter season playing with Lady Martin Brothers?

Meeting and learning to play with my new teammates and players that are in my grade. We've got some new girls coming to Martin Bros and I am really excited for that.  I am working a lot on my shooting in the offseason and want to work hard and get better for High School. I am also excited to watch all of my teammates that are now in HS this winter during their basketball season, it will help me prepare for next year.


3.With Lady Martin Brothers during the traditional club season in the spring and summer, you play up against older competition. What do you see as some of the benefits playing up against older competition during the club season?

I've played a grade up since I was in 2nd grade and it's really helped me get stronger and see better competition. I have a really good relationship with the girls that I have played with for so long. We practice together, go to camps together and work to make each other better. It's helped me improve my basketball IQ playing against older girls. 


4. You are going to be very heavily recruited the next several years. Who are some of the people you will lean on for advice as you navigate the recruiting process?
There are multiple people that I can lean on for help with this process. some of my past coaches, my coaches now and my parents. I'm young so I'm also just watching and learning from players that are older than me.

5.You recently had your 1st unofficial college visit to Milwaukee. What were some of the things you learned at Milwaukee that will help you know what you are looking for in a school and athletic program?

I learned that it is hard work to be a college athlete. Also, I learned that film is really important. The coaches at UWM were very welcoming and nice. They gave us a campus tour which showed how big campuses really are. they also put us through some work outs with players at our positions. I'm looking for a campus that is diverse and has a successful basketball program and academic program.


Quick Hitters:

1.Toughest player you've played against:  Jenica Lewis 

2.Funniest teammate: Emily Larsen, twitter: elarsen0089

3.Go-to snack on game day: skittles 

4.Favorite Netflix series: Outer Banks or All American 

5.Favorite teacher: Mr. Kietzman 

6.Favorite zoo animal: dolphin 

7.Rain, snow, or neither: rain

8.Do you have any nicknames: kea 

9.Favorite month: January 

10.Last Google search: M&M 

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