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Five Questions/Quick Hitters: Brad Fischer

09/27/2022, 1:00pm CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions/Quick Hitters is a College Coach edition! Thanks to Brad Fischer of UW-Oshkosh for his time. He talks recruiting, restoring tradition at Oshkosh and how he got into the coaching game. Thanks coach!


1) When you bring a recruit for a visit to Oshkosh, what is one thing, non-basketball related, that you always want to show the players?​ 

​Two things: The Fox River - we are right in town but shaped by the water. And two; the size of our campus ... we are larger school enrollment-wise, but still a small campus. We think we have the best of both worlds when it comes to campus feel.


2) Every coach gets into it for different reasons. What are some of the things that drove you to become a Women's Basketball coach?

​I was coaching boys high school while I was finishing undergrad, but came in to help out as a practice player from time to time with the women's team. The first thing that struck me was how well women's players listened and how much they wanted to be coached. I hadn't seen or felt that as much on the boys side and I was so impressed by those traits.


3) When you got to Oshkosh the program had a ton of tradition, but had fallen on some harder times. What were some of the keys to getting the program back on track and returning to national contention?

​There are lots of things I could put on the list but ultimately it came down to finding unselfish players and families. I think our process does a good job of identifying players that fit in our culture and not just focus on the most talented. We've always put a big emphasis on their families and what is important to them. We want all of our families to be able to have a great time together supporting each other's daughters and our team. No one on our team will ever play as much as they would like ... but we've done a good job of finding families who are in it for the experience and not the minutes or the individual stats. That mentality is why they have all gone on to excel once they graduate.


4) There is a lot of turnover among coaches in the college game, but you've now achieved double-digit seasons with the Titans. What do you think are some of the keys to your longevity and what are some of the main reasons do you feel coaching tenures continue to get shorter?

Honestly I still feel relatively young and have a ways to go ... but the years are adding up! For me the biggest key is finding a place that has allowed me to recruit the type of people I want to coach and can connect with. I love our players ... bottom line. I think they know we have their best interests at heart and they've always been willing to do what we ask of them even though we're obviously not right all the time. For me personally, embracing the idea of therapy and understanding the importance of mental health maintenance has been a huge factor recently. I feel better equipped to handle some of the the things that are shrinking coaching tenures.


In general I think coaching tenures are getting shorter because in a lot of cases it becomes harder to justify the thanklessness of the position. The salary versus the time commitment. The strain on your personal life and your family who supports the craziness. The ability to adapt becomes harder as you get older but your players and the world around them have changed so much in even just my ten years here. This job is just a lot ... and when people leave the profession I always understand it. It's one of the few jobs where you are put on display for anyone that wants to come see, and many of those people watching think they could do it better. I've done a better job in figuring out I only answer to my players and their families. If we are doing the best we can with them, and they know how hard we're working for them, we're doing alright.


5) When you're not on the court, what are some of the other activities you enjoy doing with your free time?

​Thanks to my wife I'm trying to be more intentional about creating that separation between work and free time. We have a crazy goldendoodle that has taken a ton of our energy the last year and a half. My wife has also turned me into a pool-sitter. Be it vacation or Wisconsin Dells or Door County ... we've tried to carve out as much time as we can to disconnect from phones and take little trips to get away from rat race. 


Quick Hitters:

1) Full-court press or Half-court trap: Half Court Trap

2) Up 3 late, do you foul or play D: ​Depends on the other team

3) Favorite opposing gym to coach in: ​Kress Center in Green Bay. We play them every other year in exhibitions and it's always a blast with great fans.

4) Name of favorite play: ​Miracle

5) Favorite Zoo Animal: ​Tiger

6) Favorite TV show: ​We love the 90-Day Fiance Franchise

7) Go-to snack on game day: ​I still can't eat on game days

8) If you could be famous for one thing, what would it be: ​Is World's Best Husband a thing? If not ... I'd love to create a unique offense/defense kind of like Bo Ryan did with the Swing. Wish I was smart enough to think of something that hasn't been thought of

9) Favorite motivational book: ​Make the Big Time Where You Are

10) Most under-rated skill in basketball players: ​Toughness and Competitiveness

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