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Five Questions/Quick Hitters: Sarah Aleknavicius

09/26/2022, 12:15pm CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions & Quick Hitters is with Sarah Aleknavicius. Sarah is a 2024 from Grafton High School (WI), who plays with Chapman Basketball Academy. The 2024 has picked up a lot of steam on the recruiting front off this past club season. Thanks for your time Sarah!


1) You've picked up a lot of recent recruiting interest, including offers from Hillsdale, Rockhurst, McKendree and Maryville. As you begin your Junior season what are some of the things you'll be looking for in a school and basketball program?

As I’ve gone on more visits, I’ve been able to start finding what I’m looking for and narrowing it down. I think the biggest thing is truly finding the right fit. Meeting the coaches, hanging out with the girls, and spending time on the campus, I think are all very valuable in evaluating the school. I also value the academic side of things, so I’m looking for a school not only just for basketball, but also that would set me up for my future career. 


2) You've enjoyed a lot of individual and team success with Chapman Basketball Academy. What were some of your favorite memories from this past club season?

This past club season with CBA was without a doubt one of the most fun basketball seasons I’ve had. The whole month of July was so fun and memorable - traveling from Louisville to Chicago and then straight from Minnesota to Iowa was such a fun couple of weeks. We got along very well as a team so every memory that I have with them, shopping or just going out to dinner, is super fun. 


3) You were one of 3 Grafton players who averaged double-figures during last seasons 19 win campaign. What are some of your individual and team goals entering your Junior season?

We had a quite successful and fun season this past year, but we for sure have things to improve on going into this year. Individually, my goals would be to really step up into my new role for this season. We lost a few seniors that got us plentiful rebounds and shots, so stepping up in both of those areas will be crucial. Also, being a good teammate and leader is super important to me. For all our underclassmen I hope to be super helpful towards them, being someone they can always come to throughout the season. My goals for us as a team would be to compete highly in all our games this year. I think we have a very good shot at being top three in our conference, so playing strong, quality, team basketball will be most important for that goal. 


4) What have been some of your favorite team bonding activities, either with Grafton or Chapman Basketball Academy?

During the high school season, our coach always makes it a priority to incorporate team bonding activities. We have team dinners at least once a week once the season starts rolling, some of them we have fun activities planned throughout them. During winter break we also have a highly competitive gingerbread house competition that follows with a Christmas party, secret santa, and team sleepover, which is always my favorite part of the season. In addition to those, every year we also go out and do escape rooms on a Saturday morning, which is always really fun and enjoyable. 


5) When you're away from the basketball court, what are some of your favorite leisure activities?

Outside of my basketball and school life, I love hanging out with my friends and family. I also enjoy watching football, listening to music, lifting weights, going shopping, hammocking, or watching movies!


Quick Hitters:

1) Favorite Class: AP Psychology

2) Toughest Class: AP Chemistry

3) Best player you've played against: Gabby Wilke

4) Funniest team-mate: Katelyn Odem

5) Favorite Game-day snack: GoGo Squeez

6) Favorite Game-day habit: Getting Qdoba after shoot-around

7) Dream job: Medical-field profession 

8) Dream vacation spot: Greece

9) Name of your favorite High School play to run: Our BLOBS

10) Cake, Ice Cream, or neither: Ice Cream

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