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Five Questions/Quick Hitters: Kennedy Retherford

09/26/2022, 9:15am CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions & Quick Hitters is with Kennedy Retherford, who had a strong Freshman campaign last season and plays club basketball with Wisconsin Impact. Thanks for the time Kennedy!

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1. You had a very nice season with Wisconsin Impact, and will be back with Impact next season, but change coaches as you age up a year. What were some of your favorite memories from this past season, and what are some things you look forward to in the spring and summer of 2023?

Last season being my first season with Impact I was super nervous about the team and coach, but once I got to know everyone and got acclimated it was so much fun. Coach Bugajski and the other girls made practices so much fun and Coach helped my grow a lot last spring/summer. I think two of my favorite places we went was Appleton and staying at one of the girls lake houses or our last tournament in Des Moines and getting to play with everyone one more time. As far as next Club season, I am looking forward to getting coached by Coach Witt and getting to meet new girls as well as playing with all the talented players on our team. We had our first tournament a few weeks ago and seeing how well we played together for not having any practices gets me really excited knowing the potential this team has as well as how much fun it will be. 


2. If you had to list 3 things you were looking for in a school academically and 3 more that you're looking for in a basketball program, what would they be?

When picking a school to go to whether it is high school or college, I always look that the school has high expectations, good campus/ accessible, and understanding teachers. I think that lots of athletes are put sports before school and have such high expectations for themselves in that, but sometimes let their academic expectations lower, and I think it is very important for teachers ti be understanding and working with those athletes, but I also think they should hold them to higher standards as well, knowing the amount of effort they can put fourth. — The most important things I look for in a basketball program are having clear goals and good coaching staff, but honestly it all comes down to being a family. Having a close, tight knit group not only makes the game easier, but also makes it so much more enjoyable. At Pewaukee we stress family and being a community, whether it’s being loud in practice, supporting each other and cheering in games, helping your teammates out when they are struggling, to everything outside the sport like team dinners or hanging out after practice and games. This builds a closer relationship as a team and helps with chemistry, which allows us to play better together. 


3. You are part of a tremendous core of young talent coming through Pewaukee the next several years. What are your personal goals and team goals for this upcoming 2022-23 season?

On a personal level my goal is to help this team be the best we can be, and help reach our full potential. I also want to help implement  the same concept of family as we did last season and as they did in years prior, and be that example for girls that are incoming freshman as well as being a role model for the younger classes as well. As a team ultimately my goal for us, as I think everyone on the teams goal is to not only return to state, but win state. I know this is a very big goal, but with our personnel and coaching staff I think it is an achievable one. We will have to continue to work hard, and all the work our team has put in and will put in through every practice will help us with this goal. We just have to take it game by game and practice by practice and not get ahead of ourselves or overlook anything. 


4. Like many young basketball talents, you maximize your visibility on Social Media. What are some of the Social Media platforms you use, and how do you use them to connect with college coaches who you may already know, or those you haven't met yet?

A few social media platforms I use are Sports Recruits, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Hudl. I use all of them for different reasons but they all help get exposure as well as communicate with college coaches. When I joined Impact I got my first SportsRecruits page, and that helped with exposure immediately, with all the tools to talk to coaches, have their contacts, information about schools, and putting information about myself and my highlights, all reall helped me with gaining exposure. I use instagram and twitter in the same way. I follow college coaches to get a feel for their coaching style and culture as well as post updates about games and highlights. 


5. Today's athletes have very hectic schedules. When you get a break and some free time, what are some of the activities you enjoy the most when you're trying to relax? 

I love hanging out with friends and being around my people it helps me reset and just talking to them is one way that really helps me relax. I also love playing other sports like volleyball and pickle ball as well. Another thing I really enjoy doing is going to my youth group for church. I think this might be where I spend most of my time when I’m not at school or the gym. The people there are fantastic and I love the community and closeness we have with not only other youth students but our pastors as well who create such a great support system for me. Lastly, I think another thing that helps me unwind is just sitting down and watching game film, and breaking it down, it really helps me relax and get excited for the upcoming season.    


Quick Hitters:

1. Biggest role model: Tim Tebow or Dwyane Wade

2. Favorite Netflix series: All American of Last Chance U

3. Go-to Game-day snack: Granola or Apples and PB 

4. Cats or Dogs: Dogs 

5. Favorite All-Time Coach: Coached me: Coach Reuter College Coach: Pat Summit  

6. Biggest phobia: clown phobia

7. Last Google search: Miles Teller 

8. Favorite city you've traveled to for basketball: Los Angeles 

9. Favorite Disney character: Troy Bolton 

10. Who do you text the most: Amy or My Dad

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