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High School Team Capsule: Pine City (MN)

09/23/2022, 10:00am CDT
By Chuck Thompson

Returning Starters:

Sophie Lahti (2023, 6'1", 19 PPG as Sophomore)

Karly Jusczak (2024, 6'1", 19 PPG)

Kloey Lind (2023, 6'1", 15 PPG)

Ella Sell (2023, 5'2", 6 PPG)

Summer Thieman (2024, 5'3", 4 PPG)


Key Reserves:

Emma Belsheim (2024, 5'7")

Brooke Boland (2026, 5'6")

Mallory Clepper (2026, 5'9")

Isabelle Jarveis (2023, 5'2")

Vivian Lahti (2026, 5'9")

Piper Mettling (2025, 5'6")


Player Honors:

Sophie Lahti: All-Conference, All-State Honorable Mention: (as Sophomore)

Kloey Lind: All-Conference

Karly Jusczak. All-Conference, Conference MVP


College Commitments:

Sophie Lahti, UW-Green Bay


Team Social Media:


Coaches Comments:

We are looking forward to a really fun year with a lot of great teams on our schedule.

Pine City High School (MN)

Head Coach: Ted Hasz

2021-22 Record: 18-9

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