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Five Questions: Sam Wills

08/22/2022, 10:00am CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions is with Sam Wills, a 2025 who played with Minnesota Stars 2025 Borowicz, will be a Sophomore at Visitation High School (MN) & is a Division I talent. Thanks for your time Sam!

1)You're coming off an incredibly successful club season with Minnesota Stars 2025 Borowicz. What were some of your favorite memories from the recently completed season?
  Some of my favorite memories from this season were playing out of town with my team. We had a ton of fun at a weeklong trip to both Indianapolis and Louisville! Also, we won  the Summer Jam tournament at home which was exciting. Our team chemistry both on and off the court improved so much throughout the year. We had a lot of close games at out of town tourneys and those were definitely where some of my best in-game memories came from. 
2) You picked up your first Division I offer earlier this summer from St Thomas. What are some of the things you value in a school and a basketball program for your future? 
 When looking at a school, I look for a place that values strong education. A place that cares about each student’s learning and experience with their education. Lastly, a school that values their student athletes having the same education opportunity as everyone else. In a basketball program I look for a place that pushes all their players to be the best they can be both on and off the court. 
3) What do you think are the biggest assets that you bring to the court, and off of it, as a basketball talent?
 The biggest asset I bring to the court as a player is my ability to play every position on the court. I can take the ball up the court and get the team into an offense as point guard. I play point guard for my high school team, Visitation. I can also be an aggressive threat to score from the wing position and shoot the ball from the three. Lastly, when I have a mismatch I am able to post up down low in the paint and use my advantage to score. 
4) Last season at Visitation High School you teamed with Olivia Johanns for a pretty potent 1-2 combo during your Freshman year. She has graduated so the dynamic changes a bit. What are some of your individual and team goals for this coming season?
Individually, I want to be more of a driving threat. I’ve been working this summer on taking the ball, strong into the paint and finishing. That has been a point of improvement in my game the past two years I’ve played at Vis, but this year I’m hoping to make it one of my strengths.
This year, Visitation basketball is looking strong. We have a lot of seniors and good amount of underclassmen. One of the goals I have for the team is to emphasis playing fast-break basketball. I think this can really take our game to the next level if we get out and run the court on fast-breaks. Also, I think one of the most underrated skills in basketball is rebounding. If a team is a good rebounding team they play with the ball in their hands the majority of the game. Rebounding is something I hope Visitation can become great at and do throughout the season. 
5) What do you think are the biggest benefits to being a student and athlete at Visitation?
Being a student-athlete at Vis has taught me a lot. One of the biggest things I’ve learned is time management. At Vis, the homework and project load is not easy. Finding time to balance sports, family-time, homework, and time for yourself in a school day is challenging. I’ve learned a system over time, and stuck with it. It hasn’t been an easy experience, but it’s been one of lots of learning and growth. 
Another thing Visitation has taught me is the importance of speaking out. Visitation is an all-girls school, and being in that environment has really taught and encouraged me to speak up and be a leader in my community. This not only helps me in my daily life, but also to be a leader and a communicator on the basketball court. 

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