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Five Questions: Peyton Tritz

08/19/2022, 3:00am CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions is with Peyton Tritz. Peyton is a 2024 from Dakota Valley High School (SD), where she has reached State Tournament in Soccer and Basketball, who plays club basketball with Nebraska Attack 2024 UAA. Thanks for your time Peyton!


1) You wrapped up your club season last month with Nebraska Attack 2024 UAA, playing on the Under Armour circuit. What were some of your favorite events from this past season and memories with your teammates as well?
Without a doubt, my favorite events from this past season with Nebraska Attack have all revolved around the spectacular places that the Under Armour circuit brings us to, including Alabama, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, all of which that are places I wouldn’t have visited if it weren’t for basketball! Outside of all of the hype and memories made ON the court with my teammates this season, I have personally enjoyed all of the hotel hangouts, restaurants after games, and time spent with the girls of all ages and our coaches, that created ever-lasting memories and new friendships! 
2) As you head into your Junior season have you narrowed down some of the things you'll be looking for in basketball program and academically?
When looking into a future basketball program that is the right move for me, my thoughts are drawn specifically to location, relationships, academic opportunities, and the overall fit. To start off, location is a hefty deal breaker for me as not only a player but a daughter and a sibling, for I would prefer to stay somewhat near home and my family. Secondly, I value relationships like no-other, and would be taking into account the type of relationships I hold with the coaching staff and the future teammates I would be playing with! On the flip side of things with academics, I am greatly intrigued by a future medical career and will be looking for a university that will be of promise to support both my academic and athletic future! Overall, I am looking for THE fit, the fit that checks all of those specifics listed above, and the university that is willing to put their faith into me as a player, teammate, student and an overall person. 
3) At Dakota Valley last season, you reached the State Tournament in Class A. What are some of your personal and team goals heading into the 2022-23 season?
To start off, I have been so thankful and grateful to be granted the best of coaches and teammates for the last 3 years at Dakota Valley, 2 of them being state appearances, and I wish the team the best of luck for this upcoming season. As for myself, I will be attending Waverly High School in Nebraska due to parental job change and I am nothing but excited!! As for my personal goals at Waverly, I am hoping to exceed my expectations I set for myself at the start of this summer, continue to get in the gym to broaden my game, and create unforgettable bonds with my new teammates! The Waverly Girls basketball team and staff has welcomed me into their program with open arms, and I am super pumped to see what is to come, coming off of their state appearance last year! The girl’s are hard workers, have a mission in mind, and are ready to finish some business, and I am glad to be apart of it! 
4) I saw you finished as State-Runner Up in soccer last season. Congratulations. What are some of the things that you feel you benefit from by being a multi-sport athlete?
Thank you so much!! For as long as I can remember, I have been involved in multiple sports, which definitely allows for my body to take a break from time to time to avoid overusing certain muscle groups and being burnt out! Outside of decreased injury rates, being a multi-sport athlete has granted me the opportunity to improve my leadership skills and being able to learn and adapt to different styles of coaching from each sport coach individually! Furthermore, it has athletically strengthen my performances by being able to cross-train between different sports at the same time!! 
5) Besides being a multi-sport athlete, what are some of the things you like to do when you're away from the court/field?
Outside of being a multi-sport athlete, I enjoy spending my free days hanging out with my family and my friends. My ideas of fun usually revolve around hanging outside on the lake, going on runs, or just relaxing at the house watching a movie with my family! 


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