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Five Questions: Autumn McCall

08/18/2022, 4:00am CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions is with Autumn McCall. Autumn is a Division I talent in the 2025 class who attends High School at Centennial (MN) & is a member of Minnesota Fury 2025 UAA. Thanks for your time Autumn!


1) You just completed a tremendous season with Minnesota Fury, including strong performances on the UAA Circuit. What were some of your favorite memories with your teammates this past club season?
Thank you! It definitely was an amazing season filled with so many meaningful memories. My top one though has got to be when we went 5-0 in Alabama for the first UAA circuit. It was when we all were still getting used to playing with each other and learning each other's playing styles. There was definitely a ton of team bonding that trip; lots of pool time, unique restaurants and team pictures! 
2) Although you still have plenty of time before any decision is made, you are one of the top 2025 players in the region. What are you looking for at a school in terms of education and their basketball programs?
When I interact with colleges I love the schools that are just as interested in me as a person as they are a player. I'm looking for a school preferably in the midwest (although southern weather sounds wonderful) to stay close to my family. I am really close with my grandparents and I want to be around to be with my little brother as he grows up. Going to a school with not only high academic standards, but also athletics is something I strive for. The culture of a program is of importance to me as well. I want to be with teammates who will push me past my comfort zone and who will motivate me along the way. I want that type of relationship with them where we’re best friends off the court but on the court we're each other's biggest competition. That's the key to success right there.
3) As a Freshman you were a key part of a Centennial team that reached the State Tournament. What are some of your individual and team goals as you head into your Sophomore season?
My personal goals going into this next highschool season is to be as much of a leader as I can be, and take on the roles my team needs me to play. There will be some games where our shots are dropping, but we're lacking defensive rebounds. That's an example of a game where I need to focus more of my energy and effort into defense so that it can  carry us into transitional points. There's been a lot of discussion with the team this year about how we can start off the year better than the last. All it really comes down to is bringing energy consistently, communicating constantly and trusting each other to do what they do best. I feel like we have a great group of kids this year and were going to jump into this season on a high note!
4) Besides your home court in Circle Pines, what are some of your favorite places you've played, whether with Centennial or Fury?
It's definitely been an amazing opportunity to play with a club as good as the MN Fury these past two years. It has been even cooler all the traveling my team has gotten to do, although my favorite place we've gone to has to be Manheim, PA for the UAA finals. The energy that the atmosphere has is incredible. It's always buzzing with excitement and a tad bit of nervousness as all the college coaches watch. I can't forget to add the little alpaca farm within a couple miles of the complex that our team went to that blew my mind! Not only that, but the courts are in great condition and the number of courts that the place holds is crazy. 
5) When you're away from the basketball court, what are some of your favorite leisure time activities or other interests?
When basketball takes up most of the summer, it ends and I find myself impatiently waiting for the highschool season to start! In the meantime though I play volleyball (as of this year). I decided to do that because it can complement basketball in so many ways; hand-eye coordination, my body control in the air, vertical, etc. Outside of sports though I love spending time on the lake with my friends, going to cabins with my family, and just being outside while summer lasts!

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