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Five Questions: Avery Yosten

08/18/2022, 3:00am CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions is with Avery Yosten. Avery, who's a 2024, played club basketball this season with Nebraska Attack 2023 & will be a Junior at Norfolk Catholic High School (NE). Unfortunately, Avery suffered a serious injury during the club season. Thanks for your time Avery and best wishes for a full and speedy recovery!


1) We'll start with your health. You had surgery on your left knee a few weeks ago. How did surgery go and what have they given you for an estimate for your recovery time?
Surgery overall went well! This first surgery reconstructed my torn mcl and meniscus. In around 3-6 weeks I will have a second surgery that will fix my torn acl. My surgeons and nurses were super great and made the process worry-free so far! I've started physical therapy and am currently working on quad strength and range of motion. My doctors haven't given me an exact timeline of how long I will be out, as it all depends on how I respond to treatment and therapy. We are guessing, because of the severity of the injury, it will be around 9-13 months, but I am planning to work really hard and get back as soon as possible. 
2) I'm sure lots of people have reached out to you since your surgery. What is some of the advice you've gotten on how to handle the down time from sports?
Yes, many people have reached out with great advice, all whom I am thankful for. I've been told by numerous people that although this is unfortunate, it will give me a changed perspective on sports and help me grow to love them even more. There are going to be rough spots in my recovery, but I've been reminded just to think positively and persevere through. I've been told that my comeback will be greater than the setback, so that motivates me to stay committed to my recovery. While I can't actively participate in sports, I will work on strengthening my mental side of the game which should be a huge help when I return. I'm trying to believe that something positive will come from this injury.
3) You had the opportunity to play on Nebraska Attack's top team, 2023 UAA this past season. What were some of your favorite memories of this past club season?
I was so appreciative of the opportunity to play up on the 2023 UAA team this past summer. Some of my favorite memories include our team bonding activities, getting huge wins, specifically the hard-fought one-point win against Team Curry, and just having fun with the team. It was a great group to be a part of and it was super cool to see all the hard work pay off in the end when the team secured 5th place at UAA Nationals. I will miss all of the girls I got to play with and wish them the best of luck in their future!
4) This past season with Attack on the UAA circuit, you got to do a lot of traveling, what were some of your favorite places that you got to play?
We play in some pretty cool cities and gyms throughout the year. UAA Session 1 was held in Alabama at the Finley Center, which is a super nice venue and area. This year, we got to play in a tournament at the CHI Center in Omaha. It is close to home so I love that my family and friends can come watch. Cincinnati was a cool city to travel to as well for UAA Session 2. I got to visit a Reds game while I was there which was a cool experience.
5) Recruiting will continue as you heal. You are a scholarship or Division I prospect. What are some of the things you'll be looking for in a school, both academically and from a basketball perspective?
When I look for a school to continue my career, I search for somewhere where I can form good, authentic relationships with the coaches and players. A place with a great culture that I fit into well is also something I look for. Academics are important, so finding a university in which I am supported as a student, athlete, and person in general is vital. I am looking for a place that feels like home, and that helps me grow in all areas of my life. Finding somewhere with a strong basketball program is something important as well. 

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