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Five Questions: Khloe Lemon

08/18/2022, 2:00am CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions is with Khloe Lemon. Khloe will attend Cal Baptist in their 2023 recruiting class after graduating from Millard South High School (NE). Played club basketball with Nebraska Attack 2023 UAA. Thanks for your time Khloe!


1) Earlier in the summer, you verballed to attend Cal Baptist. What were some of the reasons you decided to travel west and travel west to Riverside, California and become a Lancer?
Thank you Chuck, I am honored to have this opportunity!! Firstly, I verbally committed to Cal Baptist shortly after my official visit at the end of June. There were many factors that played a key in my commitment with the biggest one being the relationships I have with the whole coaching staff and the relationships I look forward to building in the near future with my teammates. Another reason was because Cal Baptist showed so much interest in me and it is important to me to play for a school who truly wants me! On top of that, Cal Baptists play still is very similar to mine which I look forward to being apart of! It also helps that my Dad lives an hour and 30 minutes away from Riverside so it’s nice knowing that he’s just one phone call away!
2) Everyone's recruiting journey is different. What is some advice that you would give to players who are being recruited, especially those, who like yourself, are considering the decision to play further from home?
The biggest thing with committing to a school that is far from home is making sure you have great relationships built with the coaching staff as well as the team because especially they are your family when your out there! To add, the recruiting process is a very beautiful but stressful thing, you get rewarded in so many ways and that’s what makes it all worth it. It feels like a weight being lifted off your shoulders when you realize that all the countless hours you put into the gym are finally paying off.
3) You just completed your club season this year with Nebraska Attack 2023 UAA. As you look back on the club basketball experience what were some of the main things you learned from playing with Attack?
I played with Nebraska Attack since the organization first began and it has taught me many lessons!! Not only that, but I have made lifelong friendships that I will forever cherish! The most important thing taht it has taught me is that no matter what keep hustling and making place because the hardest playing team always wins!! My team was never the most athletic, nor the lengthiest, but our team chemistry was unmatched for sure! As long as we were giving maximum effort every minute we were on the floor, we had no doubt how the outcome of the game was going to turn out!
4) Last season at Millard South you had a tremendous year, finishing 27-1 with that only loss coming in the State Tournament Semifinals. With a lot of your core players returning, including yourself, what are some of your team and individual goals for the 2022-23 season?
I am looking forward to returning for my senior season with my team. Over the years we have came up short but many adjustments are going to be made to help put us in a position to play in the State Championship at the end of this season. My head Coach Bryce Meyers knows what it takes to get it done, all we have to do is execute when the time comes! As a team we are going to share the ball and always find the open person in our offense! Individually me as well as the other seniors are going to be leaders and role models for our underclassman as well as show them how to help us and play their role when they are on the floor! 
5) Between Millard South and Nebraska Attack you have dedicated a lot of your time to basketball. When you're away from the court what are some of your favorite things to do?
When I am not playing basketball I like to run, hangout with friends and family and just relax whenever I get the chance! Out of the whole year we only get about 2 months off and then we’re back on the grind. Therefore, I like to take advantage of my time off because a life outside of basketball is also extremely important.

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