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Five Questions: Paige Ford

08/17/2022, 5:30am CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions is with Paige Ford. Paige just completed club play with Crossfire 2023 Modrynski and will be a Senior this season at Randolph High School (MN). Thanks for your time Paige!


1) Congrats on your most recent offer from Luther College. You have several offers and opportunities, when are you hoping to make your college decision and what are some of the things you are looking at as a student and athlete?
It's been super cool going through the recruiting process and visiting schools and meeting coaches. I've learned a lot! I for sure want to know where I am going to college by the end of 2022, but ideally I have my decision made before then - hopefully sometime in the fall. The biggest thing I'm looking for in a college and their basketball program is culture and intentionality. I want to play for a school that cares about who their players are as a person more than as an athlete. I want to know they have my back through thick and thin on and off the basketball court. It really sticks out to me when coaches are intentional with their players and want to be a part of their life outside of just the sport itself. 
2) You just wrapped up your club season, and club career, with Crossfire 2023 Modrynski. What were some of your favorite moments this season, and from your club career?
I was honestly not planning on playing AAU my last year just because of my past experience, but playing this season was the best decision I've made. My coach reaching out to me to play with my squad one last season opened up so many doors for me. My confidence grew and I learned more about the importance of team comradery and trusting my teammates. We meshed so well this year and there were a few tournaments where we felt so good about where we were at. One of my favorite memories was when my team played in the big tournament in Milwaukee this year. This was some of the best basketball I've ever been a part of. I played some of the best games of my life and our team was completely in sync the entire tournament. There was a new top scorer every game for our team and it made us so hyped up. We walked away winning the championship and proving so many people wrong. 
3) As a Junior at Randolph you had a tremendous season individually, but the team wasn't quite able to get over the top. What are some of your individual and team goals for the 2022-23 season?
I want this season to be one where our program proves people wrong. It's been a long time since people have believed in our girl's basketball program and I want that to change. Luckily we have a lot of people returning this year and we've been having more girls put the time in the gym to improve. This year it's gonna come down to commitment and dedication, and we need a few players to step up. I'm hoping we can bring a conference or section title to our program for the first time in a very long time. Individually, the biggest goal I want to accomplish is passing the milestone of 1000 points. I'm currently 25 points away and I am super excited to hopefully get there within the first few games of this season! Other than that, there are a few single-season records I have my eyes set on. Most importantly though, I want to lead my team in a way they can remember this season for a really long time. 
4) At Randolph, you get to play games in a lot of classic, older gyms (which I love!), besides your home court, where are some of the places you really enjoy playing and what makes them special?
My home gym is the place to be! I love that gym and am proud to call it my home, but I've really enjoyed playing on center court at the Pentagon in Sioux Falls. The complex is super cool and their set-up is always great. Usually, places with so many courts have bad quality courts but the ones at the Pentagon are really good! I love the energy in there and the feeling when you step onto those courts to compete.
5) There will be a lot of players with Crossfire who are still in the recruiting process as well as younger players at Randolph. What is some of the best advice you've received regarding how to handle the recruiting process?
I'm super blessed to have experienced a relatively easy recruiting process, but unfortunately, not everyone can say that. Three of my biggest words of advice are to seek out a good program - not only a good coach, don't ask for too many opinions from others, and ask tough questions. Ultimately, there are gonna be schools where you click very well with the coach, but just because you like the coach doesn't mean you're gonna like the program. Coaches are gonna leave but that program is gonna be what lasts! The problem with asking too many people for their opinions on schools is that you're gonna get so many that they're all gonna mix together and not hold any meaning. Ask a few people whose opinions you value most and hold onto those. Use those people to help you consider your college options. Lastly, asking tough questions is what's gonna help you get the best feel of that program. Asking coaches questions like "Where do you see me fitting into this team freshman year?" "What are some things your players would say about you as a coach?" "What's something you value most on this team?" "What would you say are some of your weaknesses as a coach?" These are all tough questions but it's what will help you get a good understanding of that team.

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