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Five Questions: Lauren Walker

08/17/2022, 3:15am CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions is with Lauren Walker. Lauren is an incredibly talented 2025 Guard from Team Iowa 2025 Blue Star and Central DeWitt High School (IA). Thanks for your time Lauren!


1) This past season that you just wrapped up with Team Iowa 2025 Blue Star was a successful campaign. What were some of your favorite memories with your teammates on and off the court this year with Team Iowa?
Team Iowa has become more of a family for me over the past few years. Some of my favorite memories with my team are the bonding we would do outside of playing games. We would always have at least one team dinner followed by an activity at every tournament! Those were fun ways for us to bond on a different level. I think my whole team would agree that those little things outside of basketball, actually ended up helping the flow of things on the basketball court. On the court I always remember how we would celebrate the little things together and would always celebrate each other’s success! 
2) In your last event of the season you got to play in the Top 2024 Division, and had success as well going 3-2. What were some of the things you felt your team did well and maybe some things to work playing against the top teams that were a year older than yourselves?
We moved the ball very well and all took great shots which helped in the long run with closer games. We also all were able to stay composed and didn’t let the pressure of playing older girls get to our heads and stress us out! Overall we played very well as a team! A couple of things we have to work on to be better would be to play more aggressively. I think that would really help our team, especially against harder competition. I also think we need to be better conditioned. We work very hard at practice which helps in games but we were getting tired fast. The fatigue got to us, so we weren’t playing as well as we could’ve.
3) As a Blue Star program, you're able to play on their circuit and travel extensively. What would you say were some of your favorite venues that you were able to play in with Team Iowa?
One of my favorite venues to play at would be Hyvee Hall in Des Moines, it’s such a big venue and seeing all the girls their playing is really cool! It’s also a great place too show off my skills to hopefully one of my future coaches!
4) As a Freshman at Central DeWitt you were able to step in and be part of a trio of standouts that also included Allison Meadows and Taylor Veach that made it to Wells Fargo and the State Tournament. They have both graduated and will be playing collegiately. What do you feel will be your new role on the team and what are you hoping for individually and as a team?
Playing with Allie and Taylor taught me a lot of things, they are great players and I enjoyed playing with them so much! Those two have always been scorers and with them being gone I’ll need to step into being a big scorer for the team. I have big shoes too fill, but I think with some extra work I can achieve it! I also will need to step into being a leader for my team! Individually throughout my years of high school my main goal would want to be able to score 1000 points. As a team I want to make it back to the state tournament and make it farther then the first round. That would be a big goal and awesome achievement for me and my team! 
5) As you dive deeper into your recruiting, what things are you looking for as a student and an athlete as you start to make more decisions about what the right college for you will be?
As I go into the recruiting process I’d like to find a school where the school supports student athletes academically. My education and getting good grades is very important to me. I also want to be at a school where the team has good chemistry and everyone gets along. I like to push the ball as a guard and play aggressive defensively so I’d like the atmosphere to include that. 

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