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Five Questions: City Figlinski

08/15/2022, 9:15am CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions is with City Figlinski. City will be a Senior at Appleton West High School (WI) & plays club with Wisconsin Impact 2023 Witt. Thanks for your time City!


1) I'll start with a question you probably get a lot, but I'm sure people are wondering. I know the answer because I heard it during an online broadcast, but how did you get to be known as City and about how old were you when you decided to stick with it? 


My real name is Felicity. The last half of my name is City so my parents started calling me that for short when I was 5 and I’ve stuck with it since then. 


2) You just ended your club season, and career, with Wisconsin Impact Witt. What were your favorite events and team moments from this past season?


I really enjoyed playing All Iowa Attack our last tournament in Des Moines. It was a fun competitive game. It’s always cool to play on top court against great competition, that’s when you get better and gain more confidence. I also enjoyed hanging with the team outside of basketball especially the time we went to Top Golf in Minnesota, it was super fun. I appreciate the club Wisconsin Impact, they took me in later during the season and helped me grow as a player over the summer. It was an amazing group of girls that I clicked with right away which is great. Coach Witt and Coach Dal were great coaches and taught me many new things! 


3) Your most recent basketball came from University of the Southwest. First of all, congrats on the offer and secondly, what are some of the things you're looking for in a school on and off the court, and would you be willing to travel a long distance for school?


Thank you! 

I’m looking for a school that fits me for what I want academically. I either want to go into Sports Management or Criminal Justice. I’m also looking for somewhere where the team gets along well on and off the court, along with the coaching staff. Getting along and building a good relationship with coaches is super important. I’m willing to travel far as long as I believe it’s a good fit for me.


4) Appleton West struggled a bit last season, but you had a nice season, averaging better than 13 points a game. What are some of your individual and team goals for your Senior season? 


With our new coach, Coach Julie, I’m excited to be pushed out of my comfort zone and ready to get better. I’m hoping to win more games this year and to maintain a positive mind set throughout the whole year no matter the outcome. I want to individually focus on my defense and increase my steals per game by not giving my opponents much space. As a team like I said earlier I’m hoping to win more games and have fun doing it.


5) Who have been some of the role models or mentors in your life, and what qualities do they possess that make them individuals you admire?


One of the best role models in my life is my cousin Bubba, we connect well. He is my role model because no matter the circumstances he is always in the gym improving himself, whether that is in the batting cages, on the field, or lifting weights he’s always giving his all. This has taught me to keep working even when I don’t necessarily feel like it. Bubba has also taken time to help me with my game and help me with confidence and he’s always lifted me up making me become more positive. 

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