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Five Questions: Dani Nuest

08/14/2022, 7:15am CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions is with Dani Nuest. Dani is a star for Class AAA powerhouse Becker High School (MN), just completed her club season with Minnesota Comets 2023 Elite and has committed to Michigan Tech. Thanks for your time Dani!


1) You just finished your fine career with the Minnesota Comets. What are some of your memories from not only your final season of club basketball, but the last few years with your teammates?
I would say a lot of my fav memories from aau come from this year. It was such a fun team and great group of girls. We got to enjoy playing together, hanging out off the court, and even stuff in each other’s hometowns. We had some great golfing experiences and lake days. But honestly my favorite part of aau is just the level of competition. It’s a really high level of play and everyone is there to get better. A lot of times you get to play some of the best girls. Also I think one of the most important things in aau is getting to be a different role from high school. It makes you more of a well rounded player because on some teams I’m the lead player and others I’m a role player. But it really prepares me going into college because whatever role I’m needed for I’m able to step into. As for memories from past years, I would say just getting to meet so many fun people. I’ve had great teams throughout the years and I love getting to play basketball with all the girls as well as get to know them. Overall I loved playing for the MN Comets and wouldn’t have changed a thing. 
2) You're part of Class AAA powerhouse Becker. Last season ended with a tough loss in the State Championship game. What are your personal and team goals as you head into your Senior season with the Bulldogs?
Yes we did end with a tough lost and was honestly really disappointing because it would’ve been fun to win with Addy Kent again. But the loss definitely motivated us as we had a really good summer overall and we definitely want to make a good run at it again. I would say for personal goals for me would be to have really consistent shooting, working on my speed so I can be explosive going to the hoop, being able to play lock down defense whoever I guard, and being our teams leader on the floor which includes how I play, compete, and talk on the floor. For team goals it would be to go undefeated in conference play, win section, make a run at the state championship. Some things that help us attain those goals is our depth. A lot of girls have worked really hard this summer to improve a lot so it will be nice to get some subs and have some girls go in the game for a spark if we need. Also our team chemistry helps us achieve these goals because everyone gets along great and is close off the court too. So when everyone is on the same page and enjoys being around each other, then it makes it really enjoyable to work hard every day to get closer to our goals. I can’t forget about our coaches because they are the best coaching staff ever and our team would not be our team without them. They support us in what we do outside of basketball and create an amazing culture for us in b-ball. The amount of hours they put into our team for open gyms, practices, scouting, supporting us, and just discussing is unreal so I am very thankful for that. But I’m really excited to get to play one final year as a bulldog and to see what comes out of it!
3) It's going on a year already since you made your college decision to go to school and play at Michigan Tech. What made you decide to join the Huskies and Coach Clayton?
I am so excited to be a husky and that God led me there! Some of the things that made me choose Tech would be one just the area it’s in. It’s so beautiful there on Lake Superior with sandy beaches, rocky beaches, waterfalls, and so much more. I love being outside so it was right up my alley. Another reason was the basketball program. Coach Sam and Coach E have created a really good team and it’s a fun style of play that I think i will fit in well. Very fast paced and lots of really good guards on that team. I’m excited to keep working hard so hopefully one day I can make the team better too! The gym atmosphere is so cool with so much community support and an amazing pet band. I’m used to a small town supportive community so I’m glad that gets to carry over to college. The coaches also really push academics too and that is important to me because it is a really good school and I know I will have a good education when I’m finished and it will definitely help whatever I choose to do after college for a career. Lastly, I would say the local church we visited there was super cool and had lots of ways college kids can get involved and serve the community and that is important to me so I can grow in my faith away at college. But I can’t wait to be a Husky!!
4) In your bio you also list you also include Christ Follower and Tennis. How have your faith and being a multi-sport athlete made you more well-rounded overall?
My faith has made a huge difference in my basketball journey because it gives me a platform so much bigger than basketball. Because my identity isn’t in sports or how I perform so it is less important to me to have to play good every single game because that’s not realistic and doesn’t define me. As for tennis and being a multi sport athlete I think it is really beneficial to be well-rounded. It is so fun to be part of multiple teams and get to be apart of sports that are so different with new girls and some same. Also it is really helpful for injury prevention because moving my body in different ways will keep me healthy and less likely to get injured. 
5) You are part of a community that really loves their basketball. What advice would you give to future Bulldogs as they begin their own basketball journey?
One piece of advice for future bulldogs I would give is to continue the tradition. Not only is it fun to win and be a good team but it then becomes a sport that the community rallies around and supports. It is the coolest feeling to be in the barn on the floor and look up to the stands and see the whole community there and rooting for you. It’s not easy to carry a good tradition and it will take a ton of hard work and dedication but in the end it’s all worth it and enjoy the journey. 

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