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Five Questions: Jordan Ode

08/05/2022, 11:15am CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions is with Jordan Ode. Jordan is one of the top 2025s in the region and just ended season with Minnesota Fury 2025 UAA, one of best teams in region. Averaged 10.5 PPG at Maple Grove HS (MN), one of best Class AAAA programs in Minnesota. Thanks for your time Jordan!


An entrepreneur as well, you can learn more about Jordan's

OHH basketball by following this link: OHH Basketball


1) You're coming off an incredibly successful season with Minnesota Fury 2025 UAA, what were some of your favorite moments of this past Club season?
Some of my favorite moments during this past AAU season happened at each of the UAA finals events. During the first UAA session in Hoover, Alabama I remember how fun it was to be back playing with my teammates again! I had missed them all so much during the highschool season and it was so fun to be back out on the court with them again going undefeated (5-0) in the first round! During session two in Cincinnati, Ohio our team went out for a large team dinner at a Mexican restaurant! During this dinner, a parent of one of our teammates brought out 10 sombreros to wear during the dinner. We all thought this was hilarious but agreed to put them on and let's just say it was a night to remember! One of my final favorite moments of the season happened during session three in Manheim, Pennsylvania. After our team had placed 5th overall in the UAA finals my dad and I decided to stay and watch the 2023 championship game. It was a face-off between FBC United and the West Virginia Thunder. Throughout the whole game the teams kept trading buckets back and forth at such a fast pace and high level of basketball, it was the best basketball I had watched in a long time! After 4 overtimes the West Virginia Thunder won the title and I couldn't help thinking to myself that that was going to be us one day!
2) You have started your own business, OHH Basketball, where yourself and some of your High School teammates do basketball training for players. What made you ladies decide to go into basketball training and how's it going for all of you?
OHH basketball training all started during covid. My teammates, Addie, Bella, Lexi, and I decided to start training with each other throughout Covid to keep in shape and get ready for the high school season. Whenever we would get together to train with each other we would call it Ode Hanna Hoops (OHH). This turned into more after Covid when we realized that this could be a great way to make money as well as teach young kids the right way to play the game of basketball. We believe that good basketball always starts with good defense and then we build out their skills from there. So far this Summer we have had a ton of business with a lot of great kids that we believe will go very far in their basketball careers if they choose to do so! But we also pride ourselves on making sure the kids have fun and love to play the game of basketball.
3) Besides being an accomplished basketball player, you also have found great success as a cross country runner. How do you think being a multi-sport athlete helps you in your development?
I believe being a multi-sport athlete is very important, especially young and in your career.  Cross country specifically has helped me so much in my speed and also my work ethic over time playing basketball.  This season, however, I will not be running cross-country because of my need to build up my strength and also focus on my shooting and other basketball skills. Cross country has given me so much and I recommend it to anyone who needs to work on their conditioning or speed. I will definitely continue to run on my own because after all, I still love to run! But I will not be running competitively this year for those reasons.
4) Last season at Maple Grove, one of the Top AAAA programs in Minnesota, you missed returning to the State Tournament by 1 game. What are some of the things you and your teammates have been doing this off-season to try and return to State again next season?
The game against Roseville has definitely stuck with me and my teammates since the loss.  We have all worked so hard playing AAU over the summer and spending time in the weight room in order to increase our speed and strength. We are prepared to give it our all in every single game this season. It will definitely be a season to remember and we are all very excited to see what we will be able to accomplish!
5) You are one of the most accomplished 2025 players in the region. What are some of the things you'll be looking for in the recruiting process as you start to dive deeper into your recruiting options?
One of the things I look for in schools that are recruiting me is the proximity to home. I would like to stay somewhere in the midwest so my family can come watch me play from time to time and I can see them! Another thing I look for in schools that are recruiting me is the coaching staff and team atmosphere. I want to be in a positive environment filled with a team of very hard workers just like myself. A team with good chemistry is always in the mix to win an NCAA championship and those types of teams are always so much fun to play on! One final thing I look for in a school that is recruiting me is the position that they want me to play. I like to think that I model my game after Michael Jordan and can do a little bit of everything. No matter where I go I want there to be a philosophy of positionless basketball so I have the ability to run the point guard position, shooting guard, and wing position, as well as being able to flash in the post. These are all things I look for in a school that is recruiting me!

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