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Five Questions: Campbell Schulz

08/05/2022, 9:45am CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions is with Campbell Schulz. Campbell is one of the top young talents in the region, a 2027 who just completed the club season with All Iowa Attack 2026. Get to know this future top prospect today. Thanks for your time Campbell!


1) You were the youngest player, playing up an age level, with All Iowa Attack 2026 Nike Red. What were some of your favorite things from this most recent season?
It was a lot of fun getting to play with the 8th grade group. They were all super welcoming when I first joined. All of them were great teammates, and are now great friends. They showed me how to be a leader and welcome younger players coming into a team. I can't wait to watch them during their high school seasons. One of my favorite memories was the trip to Chicago, and getting to play in the championship game. 
2) In Iowa, Junior High players like yourself play club basketball in the winter, which is a bit different from many states. Do you enjoy the fact that you play club basketball year-round and do you think it helps you develop chemistry with your teammates?
That's a great question. I love basketball, so playing year-round is something I am grateful for. It definitely helps build chemistry from being with my teammates all of the time. We've learned how to trust each other on the court, and everybody brings something different to the game.
3) You will be embarking on your recruiting process very soon, if you haven't already gotten some interest. Who are some of the older players or coaches you think you will look to to get information on how to handle recruiting?
I know I will lean on the Attack coaches and players to learn more about this process. I'm also part of a great high school program at North Polk, and get the chance to learn from players like Makayla Boatman, Abby Tuttle, Greta Dillinger, Jada Podey, and others. 
4) You are a multi-sport athlete, in fact you have 4 listed in your bio. What are some of the benefits you see in playing that many sports and do you ever feel squeezed for time with all the different schedules?
I do love all sports and competing. I also learn so much from being on different teams. Each sport has helped me develop different parts of my game. Soccer has helped me with footwork and agility. Track has helped me develop endurance and speed. Sometimes it can be a lot, but playing multiple sports has helped me in basketball, and also taught me how to stay focused, and manage my time.
5) In playing with All Iowa Attack you get to engage with some of the best players, not only in Iowa, but in the country. Who are some of the older Attack players you admire, and what are the things you see that you admire?
There are so many great players at Attack that I enjoy watching. When I was in Chicago, I had the chance to watch the 11th grade EYBL team. They were super fun to watch, and it really motivated and inspired me watching them in that environment. If I had to pick a few players from that team, it would be KK Arnold and Sahara Williams. I love the way KK attacks the basket and uses her speed. Sahara is also such a great competitor and always plays so hard all of the time.  

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