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Five Questions: Mylee Tichota

08/04/2022, 11:00am CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions is with Mylee Tichota. Mylee just wrapped up the club season playing up an age level with ETG Midwest Elite 2025 & will be a Freshman this season at Yutan High School in Nebraska. Thanks for your time Mylee!

1) You just concluded your club season with ETG Midwest Elite 2025, playing up an age level. What were some of your favorite moments either on or off the court from this past club season?
There were many moments that I enjoyed with this team both on and off the court, but one that comes to mind is playing in South Carolina for the Adidas 3SSB Live Event Session 2. We played some really good competition and although we didn't win all of our games it was a really fun and eye-opening experience. We also got to watch many other good teams play including our ETG 2024 team.
2) As you head into your Freshman year, you are in the early stages of the recruiting process. What are some things you believe you'll look for in a school and a basketball program when the time comes to make that decision?
Some things that I will look for in a school and program is a good group of coaches that strive to make each player on the team the best that they can be. Another things that is very important to me is the academic side of things. Although the basketball program is very important, it is also important that I am able to find the right fit for me in school. 
3) You will be a Freshman this coming season at Yutan High School. What are some of your goals for yourself and the team this upcoming season?
One of the biggest goals that I have is for me to be a big contributor to our High School team. Although I go to a smaller school, we still see some good competition, and I hope that being a taller guard gives me more opportunities to make myself a valuable asset on the court. We didn't lose any of our starters last year so I am already coming into a well built group and hopefully I can add even more to the team.
4) Besides basketball at the High School and Club levels, what other activities are you involved with?
Besides competing in basketball in the winter season, I also play volleyball during the fall and I run track in the spring.
5) Who are some of your role models, and what are some of the things you admire in those individuals the most?
At the High School level, one of my top role models is Kennadi Williams. She is a three sport athlete just like I am and is very talented. When she plays basketball, even though she isn't the tallest player on the court, she uses her height to create plays and shots for her teammates. She also uses her speed to get to the basket but has the ability to knock down a ranged shot.

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