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Five Questions: Kennadi Williams

08/04/2022, 9:45am CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions is with Kennadi Williams. Kennadi is one of the Top 2024 Point Guards in the region and attends Lincoln Southwest HS in Nebraska, and plays with ETG Midwest Elite 2024, one of the top teams in the Midwest. Thanks for your time Kennadi!


1) We'll start with the good Kennadi. You play for a very talented group with ETG Midwest Elite. What were some of this past seasons highlights for you on or off the court?
One highlight from this season was when Britt (Prince) hit a buzzer beater in the semi finals during Adidas Nationals in Cali. Everyone was so worried and shocked that I had ran on the court when i was supposed to be on crutches but it was just a reaction and I was not even thinking about my knee! 
2) Now the bad. Unfortunately, you suffered an ACL injury late in the season. Two part question. First, how are things going so far in your rehabilitation and second, when are you targeting to get back to athletics again?
Rehab is going really well! As soon as I got off of crutches I got to do more challenging exercises so that is a step in the right direction! I would really like to be back around January or February! 
3) Unfortunately, you are also a three sport athlete so you will miss multiple sports seasons. Playing multiple sports at a large school is difficult, let alone 3, and with great success, at a school the size of Lincoln Southwest. What are some of the advantages, as well as some of the difficulties in playing 3 school sports as well as travel?
I have been very lucky to play with a lot of talented girls my first two years at Southwest in all 3 sports! Some advantages of playing 3 school sports and club would be all of the friends you make while playing with them on the court or field, but one of the best parts is some of the memories you make outside of actually playing. Some of the difficulties would be the conflict between the club sports and then just not having a lot of time to just rest but you get used to it! 
4) You are a highly regarded basketball prospect, but again, as a 3 sport standout you have to make some decisions about which direction you'll take at the college level. When do you think you'll potentially decide which sport to play in college and when you make that choice what will you be looking for in a school to continue your athletic career?
I have decided that I would like to play college basketball. I’ve grown up around a lot basketball and I love it so I know it’s the right choice! When I’m deciding on a school for the next level, I really want to have a good connection with the coaches and team! 
5) You obviously are very busy between all your sporting activities, but what are some of the things you like to do when you actually are able to get some down time?
When I finally get some downtime I usually use it to rest and take it easy, but I also like to hangout with friends, I really like to sing and dance, and just kind of chill out. 

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