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Five Questions: Ellie Buss

08/03/2022, 12:15pm CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions is with Ellie Buss, who is coming off a very successful season with Wisconsin Playmakers Thrive 2026 and is an incoming Freshman with Division I interest at Neenah HS (WI). Thanks for your time Ellie!


1) You are coming off your season with Wisconsin Playmakers Thrive 2026. You had a lot of success individually and as a team playing across the Midwest. What were some of your favorite places to play and some of your highlights from this past season?
This year our goal as a team was to make a name for ourselves because we were a fairly new team . We have only played for 2 years together in counting this year. I love being with my team and one of my favorite moments this year was at Nike TOC playing all the great competition. Playing North Tartan was specifically my favorite game at TOC with my team. It was the best feeling in that atmosphere to get the win in front of so many coaches and other teams that were watching. We dedicated that game for our  teammate Brynn Krull which suffered a horrible ACL tear in summer jam this year. 
2) Even though you haven't played High School basketball yet, you're being noticed by a number of Division I schools. What are some of your qualities you'll be looking at in schools during the recruiting process?
I have been  fortunate with the schools that have showed interest in me at this point. Some qualities I look for in a school is first academics and second team culture. I want a team that feels like home away from home especially if I go further away from home. 
3) As a Freshman this coming season at Neenah, you'll be walking into an already established program. What are some of your goals and expectations for the coming season?
I am very excited to be apart of the Neenah Girls Basketball Program. This summer has been so fun and I’m so grateful for the amazing teammates and coaches that have included me in this program. I look forward to being a part of the Neenah culture and I hope to help be a leader on and off the court! 
4) As a younger player often people don't know as much about their game. What are some of the things you bring to a basketball team, both on and off the court?
I feel I bring many qualities to a team. One thing I can promise to bring to a team is positive energy. If you watch me on the court I am always talking, going for the 50/50 balls, and I ALWAYS have bench energy for my teammates. Off the court I will always be making tiktoks to get loose before the games and get the team loose by my dancing skills. 
5) Who are some of the role models in your life, and what qualities do you admire in them?
I have been fortunate to watch many role models in my life. One of my greatest role models is my sister. Sammie Buss. She has been my role model forever on and off the court. Sammie has always worked so hard and one of thing that was the most eye opening to me about her work ethic is when she tore her acl in may of 2021. She worked every single day to get back and had to watch her teammates do what she loves most. My dad is also a huge role model to me because I watched him build a program at Xavier. He is one of the strongest people I know and the main reason I have all these opportunities to play the game I love. My mom helped build a program at appleton north and I got to watch amazing players and look up to all of them. I cant thank my mom enough for the countless hours she has rebounded for me and how she always has given me so many opportunities to always be in a gym. A couple of my biggest role models in the basketball world that i grew up watching and trying to play with are Callie Pohlman,Emily LaChapell, Kari Brekke, and Sydney Levy.

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