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Five Questions: Nakia Ollivierre

08/03/2022, 7:30am CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This edition of Five Questions is with Nakia Ollivierre. Nakia is a 2026 who is one of the highest regarded talents in her class in the region. Recently completed season with Missouri Phenom & will begin Freshman season this year at AGWSR HS (IA). Thanks for your time Nakia!


1) You just completed your club season with Missouri Phenom, what were some of your favorite moments from this past season, either on the court or off of it with your teammates?
First, I would like to thank Phenom, my teammates, and all the coaches. Missouri Phenom lives up to its hype! I can't thank them enough for providing a platform for young girls like me who love this game! Phenom embraced me from day one, and I can't express how much that meant.

Everyone on the team is an absolute baller! We all love this game, want to be the best, have fun, and have the work ethic and skill set to succeed. We clap for each other and mean it! I believe this is fully displayed when people come and watch us play. I have too many moments with this team to pinpoint. Just know that every battle we fought was memorable, and nothing was wasted. I had many firsts with my teammates, like Boo Williams & Nike TOC, and I wouldn't trade it for the world or share those experiences with any other group. 
2) This will be your Freshman year at AGWSR, so you'll be playing at the High School level. What are some of your individual and team goals for this upcoming season?
I'm excited about my Freshman Season at AGWSR. We did pretty well at the Wartburg WBB Shootout, competing against 2A and 3A teams. Going 4-1 and being able to work on some plays without our whole team made me very proud of our progress. We all love to compete, and I am highly honored to be a part of this team. Naturally, I am a competitor. I want to go to state and win. I want a season that displays me for who I am, someone who cares about assists just as much as she cares about scoring. I take pride in being a team player and coming together to obtain that W. I know it's going to be fun and rewarding.
3) You're one of the most highly regarded prospects in the region. As you start to dive into the recruiting process more, what are some of the things you'll look for in a school and basketball program?
Thank you, I work extremely hard and feel so blessed to be a part of the conversation amongst other elite prospects. Relationships are essential to me. I believe it's crucial to have a relationship with the coaches and my teammates to succeed. I love transparency and communication because it eliminates misunderstandings and confusion. Communication and listening build commitment and trust. Great relationships equal a winning culture! These are things that are important to me. The college I commit to will be my second home, and I want to be surrounded by people who become my second family. People tend to emulate various things that they know work and that make them happy. Coming from a great and supportive family allows me to aim high and feel good about it.  
4) You've had a chance to attend several elite camps, including at the Division I level. What are some of the things you're taking away from camps to keep building your game up?
Because I am still growing and developing, I'm not the biggest or tallest player, but I know my position very well. I haven't placed much emphasis on my recruiting, but I have noted what coaches seek when attending their elite camps. I have continued to build my game by being the hardest worker in the gym. I'm not afraid to learn or put myself out there. I have a high motor, high IQ, Skill set, and athleticism, but I value their knowledge and feedback. If a Coach offers me insight on how to do something, I add that to my game. Someone who works hard is going to continue to get better moving forward. 
5) What is the best piece of advice you've received from someone about how to handle the recruiting process?
My parents gave me the best advice regarding my basketball journey, which has been helpful in other areas of my life. They tell me to focus on my journey and have fun in the process to give myself the best opportunity to accomplish my goals and not have any regrets when my high school career is completed. I won state in the 800m and 1500m because I didn't focus on my opponent's progress or where they were in the race. In conclusion, you are distracted if you don't focus on yourself! I am taking this approach in pursuing my basketball and academic goals. I believe God’s plan for me is greater and I am ready and willing to put in the work.

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