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Five Questions: Melina Snoozy

08/02/2022, 7:15am CDT
By Chuck Thompson

This round of Five Questions is with Melina Snoozy. Melina is one of the top 2027 talents in the Midwest. She plays club basketball with South Dakota Attack at the 2025 level and will be attending Dakota Valley High School. Thanks for your time Melina!


1) You just wrapped up your Club Season playing up two age levels with SD Attack 2025. You were one of the team leaders despite playing up two age levels. When you first started playing up did you have any nervousness? And what is like now that you've completed the season and emerged into one of the team leaders?
I was extremely nervous at first, I was not sure if I would fit in since I was younger. I knew after the first weekend of practices it was a great fit, the coaches and my teammates were amazing. They helped me be more confident and comfortable. I quickly learned I had a lot to work on and my coaches and program helped push and encourage me to get better and more comfortable each tournament. 
2) Despite the fact you're going into 8th grade you have already picked up your first Division I offer. It's still VERY early in the process for you, but what are some of the things you think you'll look for when you start to dive fully into the recruiting process?
​I had not thought about colleges and did not really know much about the recruiting process until this summer. I was beyond excited with my first coach calls, invitations to camps and the offer. I think I will be looking for good relationships, the right fit and starting to think about what I want to major in. 
3) Although you haven't started your High School career even at Dakota Valley, what are you most looking forward to when you finally get your opportunity to play varsity basketball?
​I am most excited about getting the opportunity to play. I look forward to playing with my school teammates, making memories and continuing to develop and grow as a player while playing for my school.
4) As one of the top recruits in the Midwest you've drawn a lot of attention already, have any older players or coaches who've been through the recruiting process approached you, and if so, what advice did they give you?
​I have many valuable coaches that have helped give me good advice the past couple years. The most important so far is to stay humble and keep working hard along with "Never be satisfied"
I try to apply that on and off the court. I look forward to getting more advice along the way from my coaches and other players who have been through the recruiting process. 
5) A lot of players have moved on from both Dakota Valley and SD Attack to find success at the college level or are about to embark on their college careers soon. Are there any older players you've admired or maybe tried to model your game after in some aspects?
​Rylee Rosenquist is a player I was able to watch the past 4 years and then was able to play with this summer at open gyms that I have admired. She always works hard and plays hard and everyone can see it. She is so confident and a great leader, I used to not be as comfortable driving to the basket but have worked on that more this summer along with my confidence.

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